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It is usually asked for students to draft a case study analysis assignment in college/university. Students often feel anxious when they are asked to write a case study. It may look like a huge task, but it is not that much harder as you think if you write it in an orderly way. Most of the time, students are asked to deal with the real-life scenarios and formulate case study analysis. So, if you are a student and have been given an assignment that needs you to create a case analysis paper, be confident and move forward with your writing. The concept behind case study analysis is to bring out the real-world happenings to students and let them make explicit judgments about those events.

MBA Case study analysis is one of the best evaluation methods in academic programs, and the components include:

  • A clear statement of the background of the issue being scrutinized
  • Details about the environment
  • Recognition of the main problems
  • Suggest solutions to the problems
  • The evaluation of the result of these steps
  • Suggestions on how to go for the best possible solutions.

In a nutshell, a case study analysis in MBA requires you to scrutinize a real-life business problem, observe the alternative solutions and come up with the most effective solution with the help of valid proof.

Guidelines for Writing Case Study Analysis Assignment:

Before you start writing the case study analysis, you need to follow the given instructions that will help you understand and formulate the case study:

  • Take your own time and examine the case study thoroughly and take essential notes, emphasize relevant facts and make out key issues.
  • Just focus on your analysis and identify major problems of all and prepare answers for questions like why these problems exist, how they affect your organization, who are the responsible persons for it etc.
  • Discover possible solutions and changes and then evaluate discussions, course readings, external research and your experience.
  • Consider both advantages and disadvantages and gather strong supporting evidence for the case and come up with the most elegant solution.

Before starting anything, you should understand the concept clearly and know the case study exceptionally well. After that, read the case thoroughly and take important notes and central issues in the case. Also, you need to evaluate the case twice or thrice to comprehend the problems related to the situation entirely. Once this process is done, the analysis phase will start.

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How to Write Case Study Analysis

Look into the history and growth of the company:

Often the past of a company has a significant impact on its future, and previous trends can indicate where a company is likely to go. Begin the case study analysis by investigating the company’s founding, the critical incidents in its history, how it was built and how it has grown.

Know about the company:

Firstly, you need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of a company and the information gathered can be further used to make a list of the value creation functions provided by the company. For example, some companies are active in product marketing whereas others are weak in this area and vice versa.

Learn about the exteriors:

A case study analysis is not just about the company alone but also about the opportunities and threats in the instant surface of the company too. An example of an external factor is the competition from other companies or alternate products offered by them.


The detailed information should be framed at this juncture for a clear assessment. Strengths and weaknesses of the company need to be compared here along with the outside threats and opportunities. This is where you will get to know about the standing of your company in the competitive business world and where do you need to make alterations to compete effectively.

Make out corporate business strategy:

Every single company does have its business objectives, mission and corporate policy. Analyze and separate these details including its business line, achievement and underlings. Here you need to scrutinize and discuss the good and bad points of the company’s corporate strategy.

Recognize business level strategy:

Here, you need to analyze the lower business level for a whole view of the company. Accomplish this with the corporate strategy itself. The significant factors to have a keen observation for case study analysis include marketing methods, aggressive approach, the actual cost of the business and the overall focus.

Consider implementations:

The implementation phase of case study analysis involves how the business implements its control system and the overall structure. Examine how it works well with the company and scrutinize the worker rewards, management hierarchy, and modifications in the business and any problems that are vital to run your business.

Suggest important things:

This is the last phase of the case study analysis, and it is based upon all the information collected and examined up to that time. Any important recommendation will be the ultimate conclusion of the points decided in the previous stages.

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When you are given a task to formulate a MBA case study analysis assignment, you need to organize things in a step wise manner. Consider this, for example, you are scrutinizing a business case, and the very first step is the examination of the business environment, both interior and exterior. Here, you need to take a look at the business organization being talked about and the competitors in your field. Also, you need to analyze some other things like products offered and consumer base. You need to make a precise detailing of the business and its interiors as well as exteriors. Then make a description of the size and structure of the specific market in the organization. In this case, you need to consider the management, workers, funds, ownership, company history and other related things. At this juncture, your case study analysis should focus only on recognizing the key issues being talked about. If you find many problems within the organization, try to come out with major issues that will solve other problems too.  Keen observation at the available data and after that you will get a conclusion about these problems. Also, you can discuss the response to the issues in the business. Assemble all the steps taken to come up with the most elegant solutions to the problem and mention all the essential and available data that depicts such actions…

How to Write a Conclusion for a Case Study Analysis

Important tips:

  • Try to know every minute detail of the case before writing your case study analysis assignment.
  • Give yourself some time to formulate the analysis and don’t do anything suddenly.
  • Try to be honest and neutral in any evaluations.
  • Analyze your case effectively instead describe it.
  • Proofread it twice or thrice if possible.
  • Try to stay organized from the beginning itself.

If you know how to formulate a case study analysis assignment clearly, you will be capable of drafting an excellent one and keep up your good grades. To achieve all this, you should read your case correctly and carry out comprehensive research before start writing your analysis.