How To Write Social Work Law Case Study Assignment?

What Is Social Work Law?

The subject of Social work and the law may be referred to as the interface among the practice of social work and related legal system, which includes various laws like :

  • Statutory Law, Case Law,
  • Legal Institutions
  • Licensed Professionals Like Attorneys, Judges, Paralegals, Forensic Experts, and
  • Alternative Dispute Related Professionals.


Why Social Workers Study Law?

The subject of law solves multiple vital and critical cases and plays an essential role in the practice of social work. Social workers need to be familiarised and should understand these laws for ensuring that their agencies comply with the relevant legal clauses, and to be able to advocate for changes in the code for greater social and economic justice.

Importance Of Writing A Perfect Social Work Law Case Study



Social Work Law Case Study concentrate on Adults and community care related to Case Study. The work elaborates on the significant issues that require immediate action and actions to provide a solution on how to address those related issues. Upgradation of the quality of life for a couple may be considered and taken care of to live a joyful life in their old age. Otherwise, while investigating the prime issues, it may demand a meeting to discuss the importance of disciplinary and multi-agency related activities.

It is found to be feasible also to plan the policies and legal decree and frameworks that describe both the valuation and association with the case. This exploration can offer guidelines as to what is legally acceptable and legal policies as well. Simultaneously, the importance of incorporating theoretical approaches need to be discussed and analyzed. Then it is necessary to draw one’s attention for incorporating theories into practice, guides what a social worker may look for, and make one account for the values and situation in the society of day to day social workers.

The conclusion of the case study shall analyze and discuss the importance of interventions in a discriminatory and un-oppressive way. This assignment writing refers to the code of practice and other appropriate professional and legal guidelines. As this is an educational case study, it may not explore all the requirements needed due to limitations of word count, but major topics discussed are linked to each other.

Assessments Of Important Issues In A Social Work Law Case Study Assignment


The prime issues focussed in this case study may be classified into:

  • Medical,
  • Financial,
  • Mobility and
  • Social Needs.

To discuss the related issues that are chosen as primary. Consultation with interdisciplinary and multi-agency bodies should be carried out. Information can be gathered through meetings, with case key attendees who may comprise of :

  • General Practitioner,
  • The Community Nurse,
  • The Community Mental Health Team and
  • Social Worker.


The Benefit Of Multi-Agency Meetings

The advantage of multi-agency meetings is that they share information among the representatives of related organizations in a secure way. Data collection is done with the help of the assessor to carry out a declared assessment as well as risk assessment. Although consents of the service user in sharing information should be asked. It is crucial for disputing couples to be present in the meeting without service users.

When using the single assessment process, it is essential to acknowledge that there are four types of SAP viz.:

  • Contact,
  • Overview,
  • Specialist and
  • Comprehensive.

The multiple numbers of assessments can be carried out at a time. Local governments’ authorities of different states may carry out SAP using imaginary y different assessment procedures, and the limit of eligibility may also vary from one local authority to another.

While carrying out SAP, the assessor should be working following the GSCC code of practice, which elaborates on the details of how Social workers should promote the independence of service users. Social Work Law is determined to enable people to live a natural and healthy life as much as possible in their homes with a family in a peaceful way. SAP Assessments is carried out a benefit to married couples to identify not only their requirements but also their strengths and abilities documented.

Social Work Law also states that adequate care and support should be provided to helps people in achieving independence by maintaining necessary living skills to meet the attainment of daily living activities John’s.

Inadequate communication about one’s personal needs may take place due to the language barrier; she may need an option of having an independent advocate who can represent her. There are issues, and it is found in some cases, the use of relatives as interpreters as may found to be biased towards their wish that may be contrary to the preferences of the service user.

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