Mechanical Engineer CDR Report Sample-Anzsco-233512

The CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) Sample Report for Mechanical Engineer (Anzsco-233512) includes all the required reports such as
Three Career Episodes report(CDRs), Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Summary Statement (SS).
Below is Content of the Mechanical Engineer CDR Report Sample

Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Report 1


The headlight present on a common four wheeler, designed usually to provide only strength light in line with its body and only on two positions such as high beam and low beam. My project was an effort to develop a mechanism which illuminates road adequately while car negotiates a turn by connecting the swiveling base of headlight through properly designed gear train and a link mechanism, which in turn connected to the steering column and steering wheel.
Roles & Responsibilities in the Project:

  • Understand the need and future scope of the project.
  • Researched on different topics which can cater my project needs and collected all the required information.
  • Designed gears, links, and other parts by doing hand calculations.
  • Preparation of engineering drawings.
  • Communication and work with local vendors for manufacturing.
  • Fabrication of structure using welding and other tools in the laboratory.
  • Assembly of all parts according to schematic.
  • I did costing of the whole project.
  • Preparation of a project report and presentation about my project work.

Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Report 2

Project Name : Design and fabrication of PT line of Paint Shop
Being in paint shop design and fabrication business, we had an inquiry for a pre-treatment line in an automobile spare parts manufacturer’s company. The client wanted to improve paint quality of their parts, so they wanted an advanced technology pre-treatment line. I was called on the site to check layout and to give an engineering solution by designing an appropriate pre-treatment line. I proposed the need for a multi-stage phosphate pre-treatment line, which was assembled before painting enclosure. After assessing the existing parameters, I had to design and deliver the suitable pre-treatment line as per the industry standards.

Roles & Responsibilities in the Project:

  • I was involved in checking the on-site parameters and client’s company layout.
  • I had to give and engineering solution for their need.
  • I had to create the bill of material and estimate the project’s cost.
  • I had to design PT line’s tanks as per industry standards.
  • Being an expert in AutoCAD, I was responsible for preparing all drawings including shop floor drawings.
  • I was also responsible for sheet metal developments for parts in enclosures.
  • During fabrication work, I had to supervise the team and solve any technical issues faced during work progress.
  • I had to coordinate with a quality team, procurement team, and machine line for other professional matters related to my project.
  • The whole project was documented by me.

Mechanical Engineer Career Episode Report 3


The project was to develop a solar power tower plant of 1MWth power consisting of 16 heliostats, one 32 meters tall tower and a receiver. The design of heliostat was purchased from Titan Tracker, Spain. To develop this technology in India, all the manufacturing was done locally. Some of the parts in this project were designed in-house.
In-house development of heliostat design using the data from titan tracker, my past skills in such structural projects, my knowledge of mechanical engineering and researched information on concentrated solar power technology.
Modeling of each and every component of the project in a 3d environment and preparing production drawings using SolidWorks and AutoCAD.

Roles & Responsibilities in the Project:

  • Designing of different critical parts of the project such as Facet, elevation drive, and its mounting, curving table, a stacker for processed facets etc.
  • Ownership in manufacturing and quality check of parts at different geographical locations in India.
  • Responsible for installation of 16 heliostats and a 32-meter tall steel tower on the solar field.
  • Actively participation in the commissioning of the solar field from gluing of mirrors to optimization of heliostat focus on the target.
  • Preparing all engineering documents related to my work and maintaining their record.
  • Maintain health and safety measures on the site.

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