DWD-01: Operating Systems

Assignments are part of the continuous evaluation process in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system. Due weightage is given to the marks/grades you obtain in assignments. This will help you for better performance in the term-end examination. If you secure good grades/marks in assignments, your overall performance will improve.

Write any FOUR questions (each question carries equal marks)
1. Write down the components of Windows desktop and system properties.
2. Write the steps to execute the Linux commands to perform the following.
a. Create a new directory
b. Display the list of contents in a directory
c. Create a file
d. Display the contents of a file
e. Move the file from one location to the other.
3. Write the steps for the following actions in Windows.
a) Create a file in windows.
b) Create a folder in Windows.
c) Copy a file to a folder.
d) Hide the file and unhide the file.
e) Copy a file from one location to another location
4. (a) Perform the following operations using Linux commands.
i. Listing the users
ii. Creating a new user
(b) Write the steps for the following operations in windows.
i. Steps to create user accounts
ii. Changing Your Password
iii. Steps to hide a folder
5. Execute the following Linux commands and write down the result and use of each command.
(i) cp (ii) cat (iii) man (iv) more (v) cal
6. Explain and write the functions of Control Panel in Windows-7