Write any FOUR questions (each question carries equal marks)

1. Design a webpage of the student entry form using name, age, gender, photograph, Date of birth, place of birth with photographs.
2. Create a website/page using HTML/CSS/ Java Script about poultry and poultry products. Use photographs wherever required.
3. Write a JavaScript program to display the result of a student as per the following % mark.
4. Write the steps to create Horizontal and Vertical navigation bars in CSS.
5. Create an advertisement page on hair oil and its products using HTML / CSS / Java Script. Use photographs wherever required.
6. Create an html page named as “TimeTable.html” to display your class time table.
a) Provide the title as Time Table.
b) Provide various color options to the cells (Highlight the lab hours and elective hours with different colors.)
c) Include spanning of rows and columns
d) Include cell spacing and padding