Write any FOUR questions (each question carries equal marks)
1. Write a PHP script to accept Employee details (EMPNO, EMPNAME, and ADDRESS) on first page. On second page accept earning (Basic, DA, and HRA). On third page print employee information (EMPNO, EMPNAME, ADDRESS, BASIC, DA, HRA, TOTAL).
2. Write a PHP script to create shape and its sub class triangle, square, circle and display the area of selected shape.
3. Design a Login web page which takes the input Email id or Phone number as User ID, Password and check box for remembering the password and validate user Id and password field by following condition. (Password size must be minimum 8 characters, must have a Number, Special Character and Uppercase letter).
4. (a) Draw a flow chart and a program to find the sum and average of n number of integers.
(b) Write an algorithm, draw a flow chart and also write a program to calculate the factorial of a number (N).
5. (a) Write a program to enter two numbers and swap the numbers using PHP.
(b) Write an algorithm and draw a flow chart to calculate ab using a loop.
6. Write program for student registration page which takes (First Name, Last Name, User Name, Qualification, Gender, DOB, Address, PIN, E-Mail ID, and Mobile No.) from the database.