ENS5253 Engineering Research Project Report

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Assignment Help 2: Research Project – Control Systems project

As part of the course requirements, students must do a research project on a topic of their choice.
The purpose of this project is to enhance your understanding of the course material on specific topics,
through exploration of the controls literature, techniques and application to a real-world system.
Task 1: Use techniques developed in the class to design a controller for a system of your choice
A- Open loop model of the system:
In the first part of the task, students are required to select any engineering process/system of their
choice and present its description and modelling. When creating the mathematical model of the
system, you should consider discussing inputs, outputs, system parameters, develop governing
equations and transfer function. Make your own sketch of the system by drawing an icon model. Find
the step response and impulse response of the open loop system and identify the dynamics
Deliverables: Transfer Function, Poles and Zeros, System dynamic response parameters estimates
B- Controller Design
In second part of the task, Matlab must be utilized to design a closed loop system based on the PID
controller. Students will model their system in Simulink, set their controller design criteria (in terms
of overshoot, settling time, rise time and steady state error) and test out the controller in simulation.
Deliverables: Application of Matlab SISO and control system design tool, Determination of root locus,
PID controlled system, Controlled system specifications including controller gain value. You don’t need
to compute any of this by hands.
Task 2: Read and summarize two recent papers of interest, on topics related to the course material.
Assignment final deliverables:
A Technical Report
Your report should be professional with a cover page and list of contents and appendix. We expect to
see good grammar and spelling, organization into sections, and clear, annotated figures that support
the text. Your report should include:
• System model description and transfer function. Any calculations in part A should have detailed
comments describing how they are derived.
 Description of the steps you took to design your PID controllers:
 Strategy
 Starting Point
 Tuning Process
 Include record of any evaluations that you did in MATLAB in appendix. Include a snapshot of MATLAB
default window showing a record of commands and workspace.
 Submit any .m file, .mat file and .slx file you developed related to the project in a separate folder at
unit site.
 2–3-page summary of 2 research papers related to the control system.
 Add the referenced papers in appendix.
 Include a paragraph on team contribution highlighting everyone’s contribution.
A Power Point Presentation for task 1 only
• Include a PowerPoint with audio recorded.
• Self-explanatory but simple set of slides that explains all of your work
• 5-10 slides + Title slide with group name, student names & student numbers
• This project is worth 20% of your final grade.
• All pdf reports must be received by the due date, or the report will be considered late.
• You may work in teams of 2-3. Submit 1 report per team. All team members receive the same grade.
8% Part 1:
• 10 Marks – System Description.
• 20 Marks – System Model Values, Calculations and Evaluations
8% Part 2:
• 10 Marks – Starting Point & Tuning Process
• 35 Marks – Clarity of Explanation (including plots)
4% Miscellaneous:
 5 Marks – PowerPoint presentation
 10 Marks – Research summary
 5 Marks – Team contribution
 5 Marks – Overall presentation
Useful References:
A good starting point for this project would be:
This link provides a number of models and related analysis and matlab simulations. It is recommended
that group should develop a project on systems other than those mentioned to receive extra credit.
Students can refer following two ebooks for detailed modelling of various other systems:
1. Modern Control Systems, EBook, Global Edition by Richard Dorf, and Robert Bishop
PUBLISHER: Pearson Education, Limited
2. Modern control engineering by K Ogata
PUBLISHER: Prentice Hall
If you wish to utilize the models presented in above link, make sure that system parameters are
changed, and a new analysis is conducted for different design criteria. Detailed explanations must be
provided for system models and controller design.