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Course Description:
This course is the first of eight courses that comprise the Graduate Diploma of Australian Migration Law and Practice. The Graduate Diploma of Australian Migration Law and Practice is one of the prescribed academic qualifications for registration as a migration agent in Australia.

This course covers the foundation aspects of Australian migration legislation and policy and provides an introduction to legal research using LEGENDcom. This course provides students with a sound knowledge of the importance of the legislative schedules found in the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) and fundamental visa application processes. The companion course to 7131LAW is 7231LAW (Practitioner Skills) which simultaneously builds on the practical background to immerse students in a virtual office environment.

Like the other companion courses in the Graduate Diploma Program, in 7231LAW students will learn and apply practitioner skills they need to effectively integrate the legislative content they acquire in 7131LAW. 7131LAW is offered in online mode only.
Course Introduction

This course is the foundation course for the Graduate Diploma of Australian Migration Law & Practice. In this course, students will examine Australia’s legal system, immigration system, legislation and policy. The course introduces students to research using LEGENDcom.

The course provides students with an understanding of how to use the Schedules found in the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) and the fundamental elements of applying for visas (including making a valid visa application). The course outlines the elements of, and requirements for, sponsorships, nominations and Assurances of Support.

The course content is organised into modules comprising: 1. Module 1: Introduction to Law and Migration Legislation; 2. Module 2: The Schedules; 3. Module 3: Fundamental visa application procedures: Applicant Obligations; 4. Module 4: Fundamental visa application procedures: Department Obligations; 5. Module 5: Sponsorships, Nominations and Assurances of Support.

The set learning activities are designed to engage students actively in their learning. While students are required to work independently on their assessment items, students will have many opportunities to learn in small groups with their peers in the weekly online classrooms. To ensure maximum accessibility for all students, topic videos are provided and all live online classrooms are recorded for viewing at a time of each student’s convenience.
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