6207ENG/7407ENG Environmental Management Systems T2/2020

School of Engineering and Built Environment, Griffith University

6207ENG/7407ENG Environmental Management Systems T2/2020.
Assignment weight: 25%.

Assessment item: Assignment
Your task are as follow:
1- Choose 1 topic from the listed topics here. Other topic are NOT allowed, ZERO mark will be awarded for external topics.
2- Set forward a statement or hypothesis (make sure to state your stand; i.e., agree or disagree, support or do not support, true or false, …etc, do not sit on the fence)
3- Research a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10 journal papers directly relevant to the topic to support your position.
4- Write a paper (1500 words max including in-text references and list of references) to support your position (hypothesis)
5- The paper should have the following:
a. Title (clearly reflect the content of the paper)
b. A summary (150 words maximum)
c. Main body (which can contain subsections). The main body must state the background, introduce the topic, and clearly state the hypothesis/statement. Then, present arguments/discussion to support the statement. Each paragraph should contain 1 idea. Support your argument/discussion with references to the literature (the 7-10 papers you read in task 3).
d. A conclusion (150 words maximum). The conclusion must be supported by the discussion.
6- Use Harvard or APA style referencing. The reference list must only contain the references cited in the body of the assignment.
7- Submit your work online on L@G course website (Turnitin).
Note: All submissions will undergo originality assessment (text matching). Before you submit, make sure to check the originality of your work.

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Note: the lecturer will not provide feedback on drafts.
1- Can environmental management systems be used to manage the spread of COVID19 virus?
2- Use of Environmental Management Systems for sustainable management of hospital waste.
3- Environmental Management Systems adoption in small organisations.
4- ISO14001 is more successfully implemented when the organisation is certified to ISO9000.
5- To achieve meaningful results, the Environmental Management System must be certified.
6- Life cycle assessment of the organisation’s services/products is necessary to apply an
effective environmental management systems.
7- Sustainable practices can be achieved through environmental management systems.

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