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Assignment 4

What you have to do

Part III – International Indigenous Community: Comparative Study

The textbook for this subject is Nelson Aboriginal Studies edited by Allison Cadzow and John Maynard. For this part of the Preliminary Aboriginal Studies course, you are also required to research and examine the society, culture and history of the Māori people in New Zealand and the Cook Islands. The focus of the International Indigenous Community: Comparative Study is on the similarities and differences in the experiences of Indigenous communities that have suffered the loss of sovereignty and the ongoing social, cultural, economic and political effects of colonisation.There are SEVEN tasks to complete for this assignment.This assignment is your second Preliminary Assessment Task for Aboriginal Studies. It has a 30% weighting.

Task 1 – 20 marks

Art and cultureCompare and contrast traditional art forms and cultural practices of Aboriginal and Māoripeoples.In what ways do art, ritual and other ceremonial traditions and practices operate as modes of cultural transmission for Aboriginal and Māori peoples? Provide specific examples and include images in your response. Write approximately 300-500 words.20

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Task 2 – 20 marks

Early contact1. Compare and contrast the relations between the Eora and the first colonial settlers around Sydney Cove and at Parramatta and the early interactions between Māori peoples and Pākehāwhalers and missionaries in New Zealand.Write approximately 100-200 words.10 2. The processes of colonisation in both countries often led to conflict and violence.Describe the causes, circumstances, events and outcomes of one of the 19th century ‘wars’ between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in each country. Write approximately 100-200 words.10

Task 3 – 10 marks

Colonial claimsCompare and contrast Governor Bourke’s Proclamation of 26 August 1835 with the Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti o Waitangi) of 1840.What do these formal declarations reveal about relations between white authorities and Indigenous peoples in the two countries? What were the consequences of these declarations for Indigenous peoples, particularly in relation to access and rights to land and water?Write approximately 150-250 words.10

Task 4 – 10 marks

Sporting prowessResearch and reflect on the Aboriginal cricket team tour of England in 1868 and the New Zealand Natives rugby union tour of Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand in 1888-89. Outline the circumstances leading to the formation of both teams, and the positive and negative aspects of the tours for the Indigenous representatives and their peoples more broadly.What legacies have been created by these and other Indigenous sporting teams?Write approximately 150-250 words.10 Task 5 – 10 marksSpirituality and religionCompare and contrast traditional Aboriginal and Māori spiritual beliefs and practices. In what ways did religious practices change for Indigenous peoples in the two countries as a result of colonisation?Write approximately 150-250 words.10 Task 6 – 10 marksRecognition and rightsCompare and contrast the experiences of Aboriginal and Māori peoples in relation to constitutional recognition, parliamentary representation, economic life and social systems, and formal citizenship rights in the period 1860-1960.Write approximately 150-250 words.10

Task 7 – 20 marks

Comparing communitiesUse the materials provided on the OLS website relating to the Yirrkala community in the Northern Territory and the Cook Islands as a starting point for research into aspects of history, culture and society in the two places.Compare and contrast the experiences of the two communities in relation to the following:

  • •lifestyle
  • •education
  • •relationship to land
  • •influence of Western culture
  • •dealings with the national government.

In your response you should also present a critical analysis of how the two government-produced documentaries from 1950 and 1960 represent Indigenous peoples, societies and cultures.

Write approximately 300-500 words.

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