7014ENG: Project Management Practices Case Study Answers

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Req#4346 Administration Assessment
Assessment Task
You work for MultiCo, a large third-party contact centre who provide service to multiple clients with
seven major sites across the country. The annual planning day is 3 days away and the venue has only
just cancelled your booking due to the COVID pandemic. There is no choice, you must now make the
conference virtual.
Your co-worker was responsible for organising the conference, but he has called in sick. He has
emailed you the attached documents that he thinks might be helpful.
You are now responsible for making the conference a success. You need to prepare the agenda for
the day, and you must also be ready to open the virtual meeting by delivering a 10-minute preview
of the highlights of the year so far to the board of directors to start the conference.
You have 24 hours to complete this assessment.
For this assessment you must submit 3 documents:
• Document 1 – The Plan: Your documented plan of the steps you would take to get the virtual
conference back on track.
• Document 2 – The Agenda: The agenda for the participants of the virtual conference.
• Document 3 – The Presentation: The PowerPoint presentation that you would use to open
the virtual conference.
You should return your completed documents via email to Liliana.stojoski@service.nsw.gov.au by 12
noon Friday 11 September 2020. Please save each of your documents with your name in the
document title e.g. ‘John Smith Document 1 The Plan.docx’.
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From: Peter Branco <Peter.Branco@Multico.com>
Sent: Today, 9.02am
To: You
Subject: I’m so sorry, but I am really sick…..
I know this was meant to be my responsibility, but I am so sorry, I am really really sick and I can’t
help it.
There’s a whole bunch of stuff that I have found that is about the conference and I have attached it
to this email. It’s not really in order but I know you’ll be able to sort it out cause you’re the best!
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From: Maria Coombes <Maria.Croombes@Multico.com>
Sent: Wednesday, 19 August 2020 9:14 AM
To: Peter Branco <Peter.Branco@Multico.com>
Subject: RE: [0001] Catering for the conference
Hey Peter,
I know you asked for dietary requirements last week but this list didn’t have Paleo and I’m Paleo
now so didn’t send it back in time. Sorry.
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From: Sue McMichael <Sue.McMichael@Multico.com>
Sent: Wednesday, 29 July 2020 12:32 PM
To: Peter Branco <Peter.Branco@Multico.com>
Subject: Site 5 data for presentation
Hey Pete
Wayne asked me to get the report from Dave’s team cause he was chasing up some data for the
conference. Here’s what I found for Site 5 so far for today.
Do you want me to call them?
Data Analyst
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From: Glenn Stokes<Glenn.Stokes@Multico.com>
Sent: Wednesday, 15 April 2020 12:55 PM
To: Peter Branco <Peter.Branco@Multico.com>
Subject: RE: Thank you
Peter, FYA.
From: Cathie Rone < Cathie.Rone@Multico.com >
Sent: Wednesday, 15 April 2020 12:55 PM
To: Glenn Stokes<Glenn.Stokes@Multico.com>
Subject: RE: Thank you
Glenn, I want this to happen.
Cathie Rone MBA | Director Contact Centre| Customer Service – MultiCo
From: Clare Hogan <Clare@Advancedsolutions.com>
Sent: Wednesday, 15 April 2020 12:17 PM
To: Cathie Rone <Cathie.Rone@Multico.com>; Ron Sharp <Ron.Sharp@Multico.com>; Japale Fudle
Subject: Thank you
Hi again,
I just wanted to say that it was lovely to meet you and your team at the awards night last
night. Congratulations on winning Best Multichannel Experience! What a great team you
have, and it looks like you’re really working with your customers to get the right outcomes.
Like I was saying, our companies could have a real opportunity to make some great
progress with the tech solutions we offer to measure the customer sentiment. We have been
achieving some great results this year in really challenging times. I’d love to catch up with
you again and give you a demo of what we could do.
Congrats again, l’ll look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Clare Hogan
CEO Advanced CX Solutions
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From: Carmel Watson <Events@Raddison.com.au >
Sent: Today, 6.15 AM
To: Peter Branco <Peter.Branco@Multico.com>
Subject: RE: Cancellation
Hi again Peter
Thank you for your understanding about the short notice in cancelling your event. We will arrange
the $38,098 to be refunded to your company. To compensate for your inconvenience there is a
complimentary bottle of wine on your personal account in the restaurant next time you are in town
if you still wanted to catch up.
Kind regards.
From: Peter Branco <Peter.Branco@Multico.com>
Sent: Yesterday, 10.15 AM
To: Carmel Watson <Events@Raddison.com.au >
Subject: RE: Cancellation
Is there really nothing that can be done? We lose all of the 15% deposit because you are cancelling,
and we have to find another venue?? We’ve paid you $45000 for this and have people coming in
from all over the state!!
From: Carmel Watson <Events@Raddison.com.au >
Sent: Wednesday, 26 August 2020 12:19 PM
To: Peter Branco <Peter.Branco@Multico.com>
Subject: Cancellation
Hi Peter
Sorry that I have been too busy to call you, but we have to cancel your booking for your conference
on Monday. With the COVID thing we can’t have your large group at our venue now. As per our
policy the standard cancellation fees apply because this was out of our control and because of the
late notice of the cancellation now. Someone from the accounts team will confirm the refund. Sorry,
it’s been really bad.
It was great getting to work with you planning the conference though. It would be nice to do it again
when we can.
Kind regards
From the Events team at Raddison Events
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From: Kirsty Robes <Kirsty.Robes@Multico.com>
Sent: Tuesday, 14 July 2020 3:31 PM
To: Peter Branco <Peter.Branco@Multico.com>
Cc: Wayne Jenkowitzkekowski <Wayne.Jenkowitzkekowski@Multico.com>
Subject: CSAT Results
Hey Peter
I’m one of the Analysts in Wayne’s Team. He asked me to send you this summary of the Customer
Satisfaction result for the last financial year and our top 10 complaint reasons. Here’s the high level
summary. Let me know if you want anything else.
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MultiCo 2020 Strategic Plan