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Title (what is your preliminary title?):

  • Feasibility study of Power Generation Using Vehicle Speed Breakers in Australia.

Background (Describe in 100 words what the background of the project area is)

The worldwide interest for energy is continuing to increase. This pattern is relied upon to proceed and it is judicious to investigate various approaches to harvest energy while making our ordinary procedures more energy proficient. Vehicles traveling through busy roads and highways waste a huge portion of their kinetic energy. Up to five percent of the car’s energy is lost due to braking. In an effort to save energy it is possible to harvest some of this lost energy through a mechanical device built into the road. With over 1 billion cars, there is a huge potential for man-made untapped energy to be collected and harvested.

Case study review (detail what existing reported cases you will review)

After an exhaustive examination, our group has discovered that literature regarding road energy harvester are uncommon and scarce. In any case, there are organizations as of now producing and installing such frameworks. The company Hughes Research based in Sainsbury, UK, is testing an electrokinetic energy road ramp designed to power traffic and streetlights and the surplus of energy will be fed to the grid. The systems are composed of three moving plates moving up and down and are connected to a mechanical mechanism related to a flywheel driving an electricity generator. The energy harvested from passing vehicles varies between 500-800 watts.

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Case study/business case/assessment (What is your case study? Describe in 100 words)

Our case study is based on the feasibility of Power Generation Using Vehicle Speed Breakers in Australia as an alternative to renewable energy resource. As this is a non-conventional source of energy our study will focus mainly on the aspects of cost and location. Various methods of power generation will be analysed and the best suitable method will proposed through calculations. To assess the feasibility, we will refer to the prototypes which have been successfully experimented with positive results.

As the need for electricity and the number of vehicles is increasing rapidly, we see a high scope for implementation of this system. From our case study we expect to discover a reliable power generation system suitable to handle light as well as heavy weight vehicles which will be supported through calculations along with feasibility of installation.

Criteria/ Section

Introduction&Background&Literature review

•Present the general area into which the study fit (e.g. PPP)

•Introduce the specific aspect on which the study concentrate (e.g. PFI, risk management)and general aspect of the case setting

•Research need: provide several argument that your study is needed Introduce what you want to achieve: •Use examples to illustrate, introduce or expand the technical points you wish to make

•Provide an extensive literature review on the proposed management technique/tool detailing its reported application across all industry sectors, then focus on your industry sector

•Propose study objectives

•How many references have been made –an appropriate number? Or are some components of the justification/background unsupported by reference?Are all references of a high quality, recent, etc.?What type of material is being referenced?

•Does the author offer any discussion or critique of the literature or simply summarise conclusions

Case study review

•Undertake a critical review on reported case studies from the literature (Should be 2-3 cases)

•Applications of the management tool in other settings (e.g. PFI cases which is relevant to your case)

•You need to complete a review of cases/analyses already conducted in the literature (2-3)

•Have you identified some cases that can form part of your review?

•These detailed case study reviews are important as they will help you with structuring your own case stud

Group Case study(can be feasibility study / business case / strategic plan / case study analysis)

•Background of the ‘cases’ / proof of concept / business case for new approach

•Method in data collection (document analysis, participant observation, etc.)

•Provide best available evidence foranalysis –do not just include random numbers

•Present findings on analysis of your case study / feasibility study/ business case

•What is your case study (discipline, industry, context, etc.)?

•Why are you doing it?

•What will you complete in your case study (i.e. type of analysis, type of review, etc.)?

•How will you collect data for your case study (i.e. you need evidence to support your case)?

•What do you expect to discover from your case study analysis

Conclusions &Recommendation

Provides some discussion on the key conclusions and recommendations from this study?

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