Advocacy Issue


1. When conducting research around a systems advocacy issue, where would you start? Name three (3) sources you could found information.

2. Consider that you are planning to consult with a group of people with a mental illness. Explain the consultation process that you would follow and at least three (3) factors you might need to take into consideration.

3. You have carried out a large amount of research and consultation with group above and are now ready to communicate and distribute the information you have gathered to relevant stakeholders. List five questions (5) that you should ask before doing this.

4. You have decided you will write a report to communicate the information you have gathered. List five (5) examples of the type/s of information that might be in your report.

5. Who might you network with? Provide at least three (3) examples.

6. You have met a person who has a direct influence on how the system works. What might you do to build a relationship with them? Provide three (3) examples.

7. You want to organise a formal meeting with a group of stakeholders. What is an agenda and what would you include in it?

8. You want minutes to be taken of the meeting. Why would minutes be important to take and what would you include in the minutes?

9. What are some of the things you need to consider when developing a plan for advocacy? List at least seven (7) considerations.

10. What types of plans could be developed?

11. You need resources for your advocacy plan. Outline the format a submission might take to request for resources.

12. How might advocates influence government policy development when their input is sought and when input is not sought?

1800 words count

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