Ancestral Culture Of Indigenous Australians Research Writings

6492AL: Assignment5

What you have to do

Part IV –Research and Inquiry Methods: Local Community Case Study

The Local Community Case Study is designed to develop your research and communication skills within the context of the local Aboriginal community

This assignment is your third and final Preliminary Assessment Task for Aboriginal Studies. It has a 30% weighting.

Task1 –80 marks

Research report:


Compile a report outlining the findings of your Local Community Case Study.Planning your researchYou should:

  • select a topic or focusrelating to your local Aboriginal community that you would like to investigate
  • develop a suitableand relevant research question or questions
  • contact your teacherto discuss your proposed research topic and the steps you intend to take to conduct the investigation
  • conduct research and locate at least 4-6credible, academic sources that you will use for your casestudy
  • take notes from your sources and compile relevant bibliographical data
  • develop survey instruments and/or a questionnaire and keep a detailed record of any surveys or interviews you conduct
  • consult with members of the local Aboriginal community in culturally appropriate and ethical ways
  • maintaina research journalto record your fieldwork, correspondence and reading

Writing your research essay or report

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You should:

  • take notes from your sources and make annotations evaluating the reliability and usefulness of the research materials you have collected
  • plan and draft your case study report using the guidelines provided in your learning materials
  • present detailed discussion of your topic or focususing examples and evidence from your sources and information from any surveys and/or interviews you conducted
  • acknowledge and reflect Aboriginal view point sandIndigenous knowledges in your case study
  • use the accepted structure of an academic report to enhance the logical sequencing of ideas
  • use the appropriate register for an academic report (formal language, academic tone)
  • acknowledge sources using an accepted referencing style, including a bibliography
  • acknowledge ownership and copyright in the final presentation of the case study
  • edit, redraft, proofread and present the final copy of your case study report.

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