Assessment 2: PMBOK Case Study Answers


Task details:

Task details:

Assessment 2: PMBOK Case Study

Project Background: An Australian based IT Managed Services is AusIT Pty Ltd. They currently provide a range of Websites for external customers. They are currently working in various industries and the most recently forAged Care.

They have recently won a contract to provide to develop a Website (Extranet) tracking Covid 19 vaccination of heath care worker and residents of nursing home for Wesley Mission.

Refer to to learn about Wesley Mission. They are prevalent in Aged Care.

Project Objective – Appoint your team to implement a website that is re-usable later by other clients but provides for Wesley Mission to keep track of residents and health care workers vaccination. It needs to complete in 6 months and budget is maximum $1.5 Million.

It is development project of Content Management System/Website.

Modules needed are

- Residents details

- Health Care Worker details

- Product Details on various Vaccinations including costs

- Vaccination Program Planning (Schedule, Milestones, Tracking)

- Overall Vaccination Statistics

- Link to existing Wesley Mission Website. CMS underlying website is WordPress

- ABOUT: unique aspects vaccination program like history, contact details, etc. [like a typical website]

- Module that will focus oneducation of resident health care workers on vaccinations and associated risks

Desired Outcomes:

o You need to select the Content Management System and development tools. Wesley Mission has suggested WordPress for the CMS.

o The system needs to be fully available on robust infrastructure in cloud.

o You need to specify the production environment, that Wesley Missionwill provide.

o Set-up resources (development and test environment) and development teams and project management resources.

o Will need Credit Card and Paypal interfaces. (WordPress has)

o Interfaces to financial systems through standard file format interface (WordPress has).

o It requires advanced security.


Task details:

The same case study will be utilised again from Assessment 2 (above) but with new Triple Constraints:

1. Scope as per Assessment 2 brief

2. Must be completed in under 4 months

3. Budget is below $1m AUD

This Assessment 3 will utilise Agile Method (Scrum) and the groups will need write a report that compares and contrasts the different methods relative advantages and disadvantages i.e. PMBOK versus Agile Method (Scrum).

Assignment Submission Requirements: Students are required to form a small group of 3 - 4 persons. Agile Methodology MUST be used for this assignment.

o Each group must setup team on SLACK and communicate between team using SLACK.

o Furthermore, group also needs to setup team on Trello and manage project using Trello.

o Project reports must follow Agile methodology format that will provide on Moodle and covered in tutorials.

o Group must be able to demonstrate communication between members, division of responsibility, agreement and disagreement between team.

The weight of the assignment is 15% of the overall marks of the unit. Each group should upload required document/s using appropriate submission folder on the Moodle before the deadline.

Aspect Due
Slack Screen shot End of Week 8 1
Trello End of Week 9 2
Final following the format provided in the tutorial and covering differences between methods of application End of Week 11 12
Submission requirements details:

Submission of the Complete Project documents must be made using Turnitin submission folder available on the course Moodle page. Appropriate citation using Harvard referencing technique must be used where application. Plagiarism of the assignment submission will be considered as academic misconduct and may result in penalty.

Submission: Submit only one file from your group leader only submit from your group leader for each part on Tabs identified above by the specified due date and time.
You must only submit one file. You are allowed toWinzip multiple files into one file.

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