(Get Answers) Assessment Task 1: Stakeholder Analysis Assignment

When planning an event, considering the impact it will have on all stakeholders is essential. The purpose of this essay is to research the concept of stake holder analysis and demonstrate your understanding of the concept by applying it to a real-life event.TheWeek3lectureandtextbookreadingfromchapter5willhelp with this assignment. Pick an event that excites you and you’ll invest more into this assignment –this is more about getting to know the intricacies of an event and using this knowledge to impress potential employers e.g., if you attended an interview to work on Future Music Festival and you can talk about the media networks, using the Big Day Out as a comparable event, this would impress. Feel free to be a little creative in your essay presentation e.g., use concept maps, images, network pathways to visually demonstrate the links between stakeholders and express them as figures in your essay

MS Word document; 1,500 words

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Before starting this assignment, you should have attended all weekly seminars and all students should have completed the weekly readings and any associated activities.


For this assignment,you are required to research and prepare an essay on the concept of a stakeholder analysis. The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate an understanding of the concept of a stakeholder analysis and how consideration of all stakeholders in event management is essential to the event’s success. Your essay (1,500 words:10% -/+ is acceptable) should incorporate the following components

  • Title page including essay topic, Unit number and Unit name, your name and your ID number, lecturer name, submission date (not included in the word limit);
  • Table of content and total Word count at the bottom of this page (not included in the word limit);
  • Definition of the term stakeholder (in this part use some academic references)thistopicwillbecoveredintheWeek3lecture;
  • Over view of the relationship between event management and stakeholders
  • Examine the risks of not conducting a stakeholder analysis
  • A real-life event as an example to highlight the concept

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