Assessment Task 2: Preparatory Study for Business Opportunity Report

Task Description For this assessment item, there are three options. In each situation, course participants should consider Assessment 2 as a precursor to Assessment

  1. In other way, they assume that it is circulated within their organization before the more substantial Report is submitted. Assessment 3 can then take into consideration the previous Report, but need not reproduce the analysis.

If, in Assessment 2, the participant recommends avoiding doing business in the chosen country, then another economy may be considered for the final Report.

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The Options Are:

  1. a) Crrnss-ciilti iral staff briefing make a short assignment suitable for presentation to members of your staff who will be undertaking an overseas assessment that will call on them to engage in negotiations with people of a different cultural background. Your paper should find out the challenges of intercultural negotiation, and propose a set of recommendations to make your staff members for the overseas assessment.
  2. b) Conduct a country risk analysis for the country that will be the focus of Assessment 4. This report should cover the risks and opportunities stemming from macro issues
  3. c) Describe a specific current event or item of international significance and consequences for your business. Examples of events could be the situation in Ukraine, Free Trade Agreement between Australia and Japan, etc.) The specific topic must be agreed with the course facilitator.

Assessment Format: This assessment should be submitted in report format with an assessment cover page, title sheet, executive summary of assignment, table of contents, introduction, body with relevant headings, conclusion, list of references and appendices (if required).

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