Assessment Task -Critical Reviews of News Items

For this assessment task you are required to complete 2 answer critical reviews of the news items. No other sources are necessary. Each short answer critical review should relate to the news item and required reading for the appropriate week and should consist of around 200 words.

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In order to produce brief but accurate critical reviews you will need to comprehend the arguments contained in the news items and the required readings and select the essential points and information. You'll need to identify the topic being discussed in the news item, identify the individual presenting their ideas on the topic, briefly summarise the point of view being presented and then critique this opinion using the ideas and information of a scholar with expertise and experience on the topic in the required reading for the appropriate week. You do not need to summarise the entire required reading, just the author’s arguments, evidence and examples that relate specifically to the topic being raised in the news item

Structure of each short answer critical review

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