Assignment 1 Academic Essay: 50 %: 2000 Words

Academic essay

After reading Chapter 13 of your text pages 510 513 and other creditable sources, describe resilience in middle childhood and how it is enabled within the roles/practices of the individual, family, school and the community. As a Professional in the field of Family Support, explain one significant item of practice that you would share about resilience with families. Include a diagram (A4) of the Ecological Systems Theory and label the specifics of your essay in the appropriate section. The information about Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory is in Chapter 1 of your text pages 26; and 29.

  • Rubric –All feedback is located on this document and is the major source of feedback provided. It needs to be ‘cut and pasted’ directly into your essay which you submit via Turnitin. The Rubric is on the BB site.
  • The word count is 2000 words with a variance of 10% permitted.
  • You are encouraged to engage with the online and on-campus services available from the Academic Skills Centre, Library Services or Studiosityprior to the submission of this essay so that it is of university standard. (essay structure, literacy level, referencing, an appropriate response to the task etc). It is the responsibility of the student to participate in all these services so that writing is of an acceptable standard. This will contribute to Section 10 -Reflection.
  • There is a Forum on the Discussion Board to post queries about the Essay.
  • There is a Forum on the Discussion Board to post queries about academic writing, referencing which will be responded to by staff from the Academic Skills Centre.
  • The Rubric headings may be used in the essay.
  • The submission is via Turnitin and is in a single word ‘word document’. (No attachments nor in PDF)

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Information for each section guide

1. The introduction explains the purpose of the essay and the plan the writer will follow. (See Tip Sheet)

2. Describe and define resilience.

3. What are the capacities that support resilience in the child?

4. What are the actions that the family can apply to support resilience in the child?

5. What are the practices that the school can apply to support resilience in the child?

6. What are the services that the community can apply to support resilience in the child?

7. As a professional in ‘Family Support’ identify an important item of practice that is to be shared with the family in developing resilience in the child.

8. Construct an A4 diagram of the Ecological Systems Theory and label using the content from sections 3,4, 5,6 and 7.

It requires a title,2 2-sentence statement and a reference to where the original diagram model was sourced This diagram is based upon the work of Uri Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological System Theory and was sourced from ( in text) . Remember to include this reference on your Reference page.

9. The conclusion captures in a summary the content presented in the essay. It will not contain new information. (See Tip Sheet)

10. The Reflection should be commenced immediately. It demonstrates an understanding of the services offered by ECU and of the motivation of the student to lead their learning.

Explain the online or on-campus service from the Academic Skills Centre, ECU Library or Studiosity with which you have engaged during semester 2, 2021.

  • Why did you make this choice?
  • How have you applied this learning to this assignment? 5
  • Please note that your participation on the Discussion Board does not meet this requirement.
  • This writing may begin with ‘I’.eg I participated, I contacted ( Known as ‘First Person ‘)

11. Reference Page. (See Tip Sheet)

12. ’ Cut and paste the Rubric directly into the document using ‘Word’.

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