Australian Engineering Competency Standards Stage 2 Examples

Career Episode Report for Cpeng (Stage 2 CDR Report)

Engineering Competency Claim (EA5 Engage with relevant community and stakeholders)

Student Name: Andrew Robert Student Number: 61033738

Project Title: Heavy Vehicle / Light Vehicle Separation Project.

Dates: 2018

Supervisor: Stuart Kemp


  1. Brief description of the project

One of the key risks on any open cut mine is the interaction between Heavy Vehicles and Light Vehicles. My Client wanted to restrict access of light vehicle drivers into open pit mining areas.

The project included the design and installation of five solar powered remote access control gates including associated wireless communication and civil works.

  1. My involvement in the project

I was responsible for finding a suitable solution, obtaining concept approval, project managing the preliminary designs for tender submission, management of the tender packages , development of capital approval documentation , completion of factory acceptance testing and final project /construction and commissioning of the five access gates including associated civil work on an active mine site.

  1. The Elements I will demonstrate in this Career Episode report are:
Code Description
EA8 .1 respect confidentiality obligations
EA8 .2 build and maintain collaborative relationships with other people, gaining their respect, trust, confidence and willing, conscientious collaboration
EA8 .3 exercise informal leadership in order to coordinate the activities of diverse people who contribute to engineering activities
EA8 .4 collaborate effectively within multi-disciplinary teams including other professions in the workplace
EA8 .5 lead and sustain discussion with others and, where appropriate, integrate their views to improve deliverables
EA8 .6 deliver clear written and oral presentations on engineering problems and engineering activities in English or in a language appropriate to the engineering work
MEP 1.4a Plans the content of their workplace portfolio
MEP 1.4b Defines the content of their planned Career Episode reports
MEP 1.4c Prepares abstracts for career episode reports
MEP 1.4d Lists and plans for additional workplace experience


I divided the design work into two parts. The first was related to the design of the solar panel access gates. The second was the associated civil works. The solar panel access gates consisted of three major components which included the skid arrangement which housed the associated equipment and boom gate, solar panel or battery backup unit, and the access control system which included car reader’s cameras or intercom pedestals for light and medium-sized vehicles. The civil work package consisted of a widening of the road section, trenching for underground cables, installation of strategic bunds, and installation of signage or crash barriers. The civil design work was handed over to the civil designer company and issued the tendered to the civil construction companies for competitive pricing. And the access control skids work was handed over to a small local electrical or mechanical design company then the designs were issued to several companies who specialized in access and security systems for competitive pricing.

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As I was coordinating between all the departments, therefore, from the beginning till the project completed I liaised with all the concerning parties. I had to communicate between the two designs companies in terms of the physical footprint of the skids and the location reference of the solar or battery skids to determine the cable trench and radio communication. In order to implement the project, I coordinated between various mining departments to gain access to the areas, complete the civil work packages, installing and commissioning the access of boom gates. Due to the significant amount of confidential information, I signed a confidentiality agreement with the mine’s team.

In order to establish the specifications to work and IP addresses for the new equipment, I was directly responsible for the coordination between the departments of IT mines. For the purpose of programming, I was also involved with the computer science corporation department and monitored the CISCO switches. While for the setup and programming the mesh network radio communications, I communicated with the Nixons team. I was also responsible to coordinate with the ADT department to program the access control readers, intercoms, and cameras. I finally meet with the mines security and maintenance personnel to conduct training for the installation the new equipment. The access control system worked properly and the client was happy with the functionality and operation. The project was completed on time and within budget.

I was also involved to prepare a presentation which described the issue, the proposed solution which included risks, required tasks, and the expected duration of the project. I presented the project to the mines leadership team and got approval to proceed with the project. I was also responsible for the documentation of the project. I prepared the proposal report for the project documentation.

While giving a presentation, the processing plant maintenance superintendent raised a concern that the access gate exited the process plant to the mine that had enough clearance for a Caterpillar 950K Loader. I noted the concern and asked the civil design engineer to include a wider exit or entrance gate. During commissioning, I invited the superintendent to witness the entered or exited area of the loader through the installation of the new boom gate and he was happy to accept the final design of the project. While implementing the five new accesses to control gates, there was a restriction of the light vehicle drivers on the mine and it implicated across all the departments of the mine. I emailed the information on every month to describe the impending changes. In the first stage, I identified the most suitable location for the access gates and ensured that it didn’t affect the project objectives. I provided personnel to the contractors for feedback opportunity. In the next step, I obtained all the relevant key of stakeholders that effectively locked the locations so that the detailed design could commence. I developed a summary document related to the requirement of the stakeholder and obtained sign off from all the relevant personnel and department managers.

Australian Engineering Competency Standards Stage 2 Examples

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