BFA701 - Case Study Report - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Words Count : 3500 Words

Coursework Assessment Brief

Assessment Task
Taking feedback from any previous attempts into account, you are required to produce a case study report in which you conduct a critical evaluation of an entrepreneurial organisation (either successful or failing) in order to highlight key strengths and opportunities for improvement and business development. If you have previously attempted this assignment, then you must choose a different organisation. This is an individual assignment and you may choose the organisation you wish to review; you should ensure that you are able to access enough information on the organisation. Your case study report must include the following sections, each of which are weighted equally: 1. An analysis of the organisation's current position in the business environment, with reference to it's competitive position in the market. Appropriate models should be used to support this review.

2. A critical evaluation of no more than 2 business development opportunities that should be linked to innovation or the circular economy. The critical evaluation of these options should include a consideration of risk. 3. An implementation plan for the proposal considered in section 2. If the proposal is launching a new product or service, then this section might focus on marketing. If the proposal is for innovating within the organisation then this section might focus more on change management. You should make appropriate use of appendices to document supporting evidence and your application of business models and theory. For example, you may include a SWOT, PESTLE, Risk Management Tools or similar appropriate applied models in the appendices to which you can refer to in your critical review in the main body. Appendices are not included in the word count. Each of the 3 sections listed above should be approximately the same length. All sections should include reference to appropriate theories that are critically discussed in the context of the chosen organisation.

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You must ensure that your report makes frequent and appropriate reference to the external business environment; It is not sufficient just to describe the business. You should critically evaluate the business in the context of it's external environment (including competitors and other external influences) with the view to developing appropriate and sound strategic options for the business. Business development options and innovation options should be financially viable with consideration to the financial position of the organisation. Your submission should be formatted in a professional manner and of a quality that would meet the expectations of a senior management team. This is also an academic undertaking and therefore requires appropriate Harvard Referencing throughout.

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