Branding and Promotion Marketing Assignment Sample


Branding and promotion increase the marketing value using modern utilities and digital media. It acts as key marketing communication delivering information to the customers regarding the merits and usefulness of products and services (Rajasekar, 2014). The organizational promotion aims to make the global audience aware of the brand, create interest, and extract attention towards sales integrating brand loyalty. African Development Funding Group (ADF) is popularly known as an Investment Company that is rapidly expanding its asset base in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The study helps in understanding the strategies applied by ADF group in monitoring branding and promotion through differentiation, competitive advantage, market segmentation, sustainability approach, and using the market mix in assessing its market structure and product value.


Service differentiation varies from organizational objectives and approach and the strategies applied. It is observed that ADF’s success depends largely on its strategic application of management procedures in developing value for its clients and partners. The strategies include the management of assets and wealth but focus on general assets and different wealth management services. Besides, the group focuses on government infrastructure investments that allow funding for various levels of governmental projects; allow financial consultancy services that help assist major entities and government authorities in leveraging assets; and allow private equity and debt investments in storing funds for transformative business (Ho et al. 2014). These strategies have helped in promoting their services using large recommendations from the government body and allowing expansion in the national market monitoring foreign investments and collaboration. The continuous involvement in different investment programs from local to government has paved its profitable growth.

Competitive Advantage

The competitors of ADF Group are Empire Industries Ltd, Minaean SP Construction Corp, Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc., Cymat Technologies Ltd, and Sigma Industries Inc. The competitive advantages help in understanding the circumstances that help in putting ADF Group within a favorable business position. With the help of Competitive advantage, the Group can identify the ways it can achieve profit through internal and external changes. The two basic types of competitive advantage are cost and differentiation advantages identified by ADF Group. The ways ADF Group can improvise its competition is through Changes in PEST factors, the Firm’s ability to respond and meet fast changes, allocate resources appropriately, deliver unique competencies, and allow innovative capabilities (Hayati et al. 2017).

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Commoditization and How to Cope with It?

Commoditization allows the understanding of the differentiation that is caused due to the variation in competitive actions and services. It is important to identify the price-based competition and how customer treats the products and services of ADF. ADF needs to focus on a commoditized market structure and seek the ways customer clients treat offerings as commodities. It is here when promotion and branding become important in strengthening the commodity and fostering the basis of competition. To cope with commoditization, the group needs to identify customer empowerment, high exposure, expectations from millennials, and the risk of commoditization. On the other hand, the increased importance of the strength, resilience, and meaning of the brand needs to be assessed (Jayaram et al. 2014). The major source of coping up becomes profit squeeze allowing standardisation, customer experience enhancement, and competitive imitation and creating additional customer value that will redefine market position. This is again monitored and integrated through market and promotion segmentation using digital channels and online advertising.


Segmentation will help the ADF group understand customer needs and segment investments in different channels. Market segmentation allows meeting the subsets of customers towards profit outcomes and meets their needs and interests using strategies (Cândido, C. J., & Santos, S. P. 2015). To channel the investment in different non-governmental and governmental sectors rightly, it is important to first segment the market, target ingle segment, and position the services within the segment. The segmentation of the ADF Group is done based on geography, criteria, sociocultural factors, and demography. ADF Group requires assessing each segment of functional units and identifying potential business success. It is the responsibility of the organization to deliver and expand opportunities and analyze how each segment can generate a profit using the right direction.

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix explains the price, promotion, place, and people of ADF Group. The marketing mix allows understanding the current promotional needs in creating a broader asset base. As per the analysis of marketing mix, new government sectors; use of traditional media like television, radio, print, and newspaper; news media like search engine optimization, websites, e-mail marketing, banner advertising, videos, search engine marketing, social networks and mobile; direct marketing and sales using direct mail, direct sales; public relations and partnerships using PR, blogger, influencer outreach, press relations and grassroots; event and experiential marketing like conventions and conferences, in-store demonstrations and concerts. These promotional methods will help in reaching the targeted people segmenting the market and positioning in benefiting sales and marketing activities.

Solutions Approach

Customers are getting advanced due to globalization and modernization allows them to access network systems and digital media. This has facilitated growth among customers and brands. Small and large enterprises can connect with customers using social media, online media, and the press to deliver equitable information. The ADF Group being one of the leading groups of investments using a traditional marketing system has expanded its marketing and sales structure. However, the lack of modern utilities has resulted in narrowing down the marketing choice. With the possibility of branding and promotion using the digital world, connectivity with clients and customers becomes easier. The Group can rely on referrals and testimonials paying a certain amount to the existing clients in referring it to others and providing positive reviews. Associations with the government sector will help-seeking government reviews and endorsements. Relying on digital interactions will fetch foreign clients addressing the array of options for expansion (Padmanabhan, 2018). The phenomenal reach of promotion through online and press media becomes suitable in reaching customers’ perception under the supervision of executive level steward.


The strategic implication and several other processes cater to the perfect base for the organization and its products and services. The assimilation of the several processes and the structured criteria generate the effective base that can assist for the other factors and the assimilation of the other criteria will conclude some of the best implications in a perfect manner. The developed processes and the suggestive specification consider the different marketing-based criteria that can pose for the entire thing. The various implications and the structured processes access the different criteria so that the specification of the market and the suggestive consideration can be maintained properly. The different market perceptions and the market-based scenario structure the entire process so that the processed criteria can be generated correctly.


The different market criteria that ADF has followed create a suitable base for the developed criteria and the assisted structure for further consideration of the assisted structure. The several market processes and the effective criteria generate the best purposes for the company so that the growth and development structure can able to continue in the long possibility. Find more at 'Assignment Help'.

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