BSBINN301 Promote Innovation in a Team Environment

Certificate IV Leadership and Management


  • This assessment is to determine your competency in the unit.
  • The tasks require you to complete a:
    • Question bank
    • Practical workplace task
  • Should you have any concerns about this assessment, please contact your trainer/assessor before beginning the task/s.

You should submit all tasks for this assessment together. When you are ready to submit your assessment for marking:

  • Write your name on the top of each page.
  • Write the corresponding task number on the top of each document submitted.
ASSESSMENT TASK 1 - Question Bank
  • All questions require a written answer. You may word process your answers or hand write them (your handwriting must be legible).
  • You must answer each question correctly. If you do not answer a question correctly, you will be given feedback and be given another opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to be deemed satisfactory in this Event.
  • Your answers can be in dot-point format provided each point supplies sufficient detail.
  1. What is innovation and why is it important to organizations?

Innovation is the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value

or for which customers will pay. It is important because improves the well-being of society, creates

new wealth, makes things successful, finds new solutions and helps develop the earth.

  1. Why is it important to identify and acknowledge what the team needs and wants to achieve?

Is it important to identify and acknowledge what the team needs and wants to achieve

because must be considered:

  • are the goals and objectives clear, understood and agreed upon?
  • Are they S.M.A.R.T
  • To identify the skills and competencies of team members
  • What are their strength and weakness?
  • The tem goals aligned with organisational goals

how the team intends to achieve their common goals within a specific timeframe and formulate a shared vision of what they intend to achieve.

  1. Why is it important to identify the benefits and limitations that your team members bring to

the innovation team?

Is important to identify the benefits and limitations that team members bring to

the innovation team because you can allocate tasks designed to utilize the team members

strengths, skill and knowledge and discuss the best role to develop each person‘s strength.

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  1. List 5 different ways people may contribute to the team:






  1. Why are ground rules for teams important and what is their purpose?

The ground rules are important for teams because they provide a solid basis for the team to refer to as they embark on generating new ideas, thinking in a creative way and challenging each other's idea.

  1. Why is communication important in an innovative team?
  1. Why is it important to agree on and communicate team roles and responsibilities?
  1. What strategies or tools would you use in the workplace to plan and organize team activities?
  1. As a team leader, why is it important to support and guide your team members? Give a brief example of how you do/have done this in the workplace.
  1. List 3 different ways you could acknowledge and reward your team. Discuss why this is important.




  1. Why is a reflection on team activities and performance important?

Reflection on team activities and performance important

  1. What type of activities would you carry out to reflect on team performance and outcomes? List 3 different activities below.






  1. Discuss the types of internal and external barriers to innovation that may impact the performance/outcomes of your team.
  1. What are some strategies you would use to overcome some of the challenges outlined in the above question?
  1. What are the benefits of modeling behavior that supports innovation to your team?
  1. What are the 5 key characteristics of innovative teams?
  1. Think about your current work team. Describe different roles within the team and how they impact on the way the team works.
  1. What is meant by “group dynamics”?
  1. Why is it important to have diversity in a team?
  1. Describe how you would introduce external information and ideas to promote problem-solving and innovative thinking within your team.



Think of a change or an innovation that may need to occur within your organization. This could be, but not limited to:

  • addressing particular customer feedback
  • conceiving and implementing a particular project to improve systems, processes or procedures
  • developing new services or products
  • generating ongoing ideas within your work team
  • improving budgetary performance
  • improving or changing work conditions
  • new ideas that impact beyond the workplace (e.g. that have a broader social or community impact)
  1. Describe the change or innovation and how you would identify and implement it in your workplace.
  1. Identify potential team members and the qualities they will need in order to assist you develop and implement your change or innovation idea.
  1. Form a team to assist you develop and refine your change or innovation. Your team will assist you in implementing your change or innovation.

Your team could be the people you work with or people who are stakeholders in your innovation idea. List your team members and identify your team member’s strengths, weaknesses and the benefits that they bring to your team.

  1. With your team establish and agree on ground rules/processes in relation to:
    1. boundaries or lack of boundaries for team activities and ideas
    2. confidentiality
    3. copyright, moral rights, or intellectual property
    4. regularity of communication
    5. key roles and responsibilities
  2. Complete an Action Plan for your innovation project: you may wish to use the template below

Action Plan



Task/responsibility Who Due Date Status
  1. Complete a communication strategy for you innovation project: you may wish to use the template below

Communication strategy

  1. Who will play what roles in the team’s communications?
  2. What are the goals and objectives of the communication?
  3. What, when and how much will the team communicate?
  4. Where and how will the team communicate?
  1. As the team leader, you need to support, challenge and guide your team members. Prepare a summary report that details how you did this (2000 words max ).

You need to address in your report:

  1. Discuss examples of how you encouraged team-based innovation through:
  2. feeding new ideas and stimuli to the team to generate innovative ideas
  3. sharing of information, knowledge, and experiences
  4. challenging and testing ideas
  5. discussing and exploring ideas
  6. Discuss how and why these activities were important to the dynamics and outcomes of the team.
  7. Reflect on, and discuss, the outcomes and achievements of your team. Consider:
  8. how you involved your team in this process
  9. whether their input was important/unimportant
  10. whether the team worked together effectively and autonomously
  11. changes you would make to move forward or would have made to make your team more effective
  12. Discuss how you rewarded and acknowledged the team’s achievements/ milestones, and:
  13. why this was important/unimportant
  14. Whether it affected the outcomes/achievements of the team.

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