BSBMGT517 Assessment Resources: Assessment 3 Role-play

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See the specifications below for details.


Resources required:

  • XYZ Company plans, policies, and procedures
  • Computer with internet connection and projector
  • Operational plan prepared by student

Instructions for students:

  • This assessment will be conducted in a TAS College classroom in a simulated work environment with access to the resources listed above.
  • You are to arrange a time to meet with your assessor and two classmates to perform the role-play.
  • Your assessor will form you into a group with two other students.
  • You will each take turns playing the role of the Call Centre Manager and present parts of your operational plan to the other two students who will play the roles of team leaders.
  • When playing the role of team leader, ensure you ask questions and provide feedback to the Call Centre Manager, thereby playing an active part in the role-play.
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    Make sure that your performance includes the following:
  1. Consultation process
  2. Resource requirements
  3. Risk management
  4. Recruitment strategy
  5. Monitoring processes
  • Your assessor will complete Observation Checklist II to record your communication and interaction skills during each roleplay.
  • It is expected that each role play will take approximately 20 minutes.
  • You are to make sure that you have reviewed the Observation Checklist II before you commence your presentation so that you are fully prepared and know exactly what is expected of you.
  • You must submit the completed Observation checklist II as well as role-play script or explanatory note or presentation slides as evidence of this task.
  • At the completion of the roleplays, both the student and the assessor are required to sign and date Observation Checklist II, verifying that they acknowledge the outcome for this assessment task and have been provided with feedback from the assessor.

Submission details

  • As a team manager you need to submit your explanatory notes or presentation slides for your role-play.
  • As a team leader you need to submit role-play script which should include all the questions you need to ask to your team manager and feedback

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