BSBMGT517–Manage Operational Plan Assignment Task 2: Project Answers

Task information: The following assignment need not focus on any one practice, organisation or business.

  • If you are currently employed then you may structure your responses using examples/samples from that employment; or you may respond using experiences from a previous employment, or a combination of one or more.
  • If you are not employed then your responses would include what you would see as appropriate for that question, as if you were employed.


Assume a scenario where your organisation’s management have decided to expand your business into another state in order to increase the organisational revenue, profit margins and market share as part of attaining their strategic objectives.

For this expansion you are appointed as a Project manager and have been given responsibility to manage this plan. Under this project you have to deliver the following to your management board as a part of monitoring process:

  1. Develop an operational plan including the following key points:
  • Listing all the resources requirements in relation to the expansion
  • List all the personnel involved in the operational planning consultation process
  • Develop operational plan, as indicated below using the following heading:

o Project Objectives

o Performance measures or key performance indicators

o Action activities to achieve the plan

Sample operational plan

Project Objectives

Performance measures Action activities

For eg: New branch at CBD area

Offering new range of products

List down the possible risk associated with this project and provide possible solutions for each identified risk.

  • What specialist advice do you need
  • How would you develop an contingency plan for managing those risk if they occur

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  1. Implementation plan/ action plan

Action activities from part 1 Date Person responsible Budget Monitoring measure

For eg: Recruiting new staff

Staff training

Equipment /machines purchase

Resources acquisition

  • List the number and type of new staff needed for the expanded business
  • What type of additional staffing will you require in your new location
  • Develop a job description of at least one position required at new location

You can use the following format for job description:

Position Description Template

Position Title:

Reporting to:

Commencement date:

Probation period:

Roles and responsibilities









Key selection criteria






  1. Monitoring of operational performance
  • Identify the systems you will put in place to monitor your business performance.
  • What financial reports can you use to monitor the financial performance of your new business
  • If you have made some variations in the existing operational plan on the basis of the monitoring and review process, what should you do?
  • List all the documents would you like to record in the process of managing this expansion plan


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