BSBWOR301 Organise Personal Work Priorities & Development Assessment Answers



You are required to answer the following questions to confirm your knowledge in relation to unit

BSBWOR301 Organise Personal Work Priorities & Development

You may refer to your training materials and other research while completing the answers.

Write your answers in the spaces below using a blue or black pen. Alternatively type a document and provide a printed copy. If you re-type the document, repeat each question in the document and type your answer under the question.

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Question1        What steps could ensure that work goals, objectives or KPIs are understood, negotiated and agreed in accordance with organisational requirements?
Question 2         What techniques could you use to assess and prioritise workload to ensure tasks are completed within identified timeframes?
Question 3        What could be some identifying factors affecting the achievement of work objectives and incorporate contingencies into work plans?
Question 4          What types of business technology could efficiently and effectively help you to manage and monitor scheduling and completion of tasks?
Question 5          What is one step in that could help you accurately monitor and adjust personal work performance to ensure achievement of tasks and compliance with legislation and work processes or KPIs?
Question 6          What steps should be taken to ensure that feedback on performance is actively sought and evaluated from colleagues and clients in the context of individual and group requirements?
Question 7         What is required to consistently improve the quality of products and services according to organisational requirements?
Question 8          List at least four (a)Identifying signs of stress

(b)and the effects on personal wellbeing

Question 9         Why is it important to help employees access appropriate supports and resolution strategies?
Question 10          Why is it important to identify personal learning and professional development needs and using self-assessment and advice from colleagues and clients in relation to role and organisational requirements?
Question 11         (a)Who would  Identify, prioritise and plan opportunities for undertaking personal skill development activities in liaison with work groups within an organisation?

(b)When could these be identified?

Question 12          How would you access, complete and record professional development opportunities to facilitate continuous learning and career developments?
Question 13          What steps are involved in formal and informal feedback reviews of further learning needs?


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