BSBWOR301 Personal Development Plan / Power Point Presentation Assessment Answers


This activity is related to the unit of competency BSBWOR301 Organise Personal Work Priorities & Development In particular, you will be required to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in relation to this unit of competency.

You may refer to your training materials and other research if required. The activity may be completed in the workplace or a simulated workplace.

Your assessor will use a checklist to record the assessment decision.

Overview Below are a number of practical tasks to be completed over a period of time in a real or simulated workplace where you will perform the duties of a manager. The times for completion of the tasks are to be negotiated between yourself and the assessor. The tasks will reflect your ability to:

Your assessor will provide you with instructions and complete a checklist on which they will record your satisfactory performance of workplace tasks.

The Project Tasks table below identifies the documents that you are required to prepare and submit in your evidence portfolio. They may be presented in printed format in a folder or as an electronic copy.

Ensure both your name and student number is clearly displayed.

Project Tasks 1Satisfactory√
The following tasks may be completed as a workplace project based on your own organisation and job role, or as a simulated workplace project based on a fictitious organisation, or an organisation you are familiar with.
Career planning is not an activity that should be done once — in high school or college — and then left behind as we move forward in our jobs and careers. Rather, career planning is an activity that is best done on a regular basis — especially given the data that the average worker will change careers (not jobs) multiple times over his or her lifetime. It’s never too soon or too late to start your career planning.

Career planning is not a hard activity, not something to be dreaded or put off, but rather an activity that should be liberating and fulfilling, providing goals to achieve in your current career or plans for beginning a transition to a new career.

Career planning should be a rewarding and positive experience.

Develop and design a Powerpoint presentation in the form of your own


Ensure you use all elements example below

Goal AreaOne YearThree YearFive YearTen Year
Training Development    




Assessment 4 Checklist
 Student Number 
UnitBSBWOR301 Organise Personal Work Priorities & Development 
Assessor name 
Learner Assessment Declaration   (tick the relevant box)
The purpose and outcomes of the assessment have been explained to meYes  o   No  o
I have received information about the unit of competencyYes  o   No  o
I understand the type of evidence to be collectedYes  o   No  o
The appeals system has been explained to meYes  o   No  o
I have informed my assessor of any special needs that may need to be considered during the assessmentYes  o   No  o
Learner signatureDate
Assessor comments  (tick the relevant box)
RPL / accelerated progression requiredYes  o   No  o
Language / Literacy / Numeracy support requiredYes  o   No  o
Any other special needs (describe in the space below)Yes  o   No  o
Assessor signatureDate
Result of assessment – Assessment 3: Project
Attempt No 1:  S o NYS oAttempt No 2:  S o NYS oAttempt No 3:  S o NYS o
The learner’s overall performance was                   Satisfactory o Not Yet Satisfactory o
Feedback to learner on overall performance
Assessor signatureDate
I intend to lodge an appeal on the above decisionYes  o   No  o
Learner signatureDate

Summative Assessment Record

Learner Name 
Unit of CompetencyBSBWOR301 Organise Personal Work Priorities & Development 


Assessment TaskDate of assessmentSatisfactoryAssessor Signature
Assessment 1:
Written Test
 Yes o  No o 
Assessment 2:
 Yes o  No o 
Assessment 3:
 Yes o  No o 
Assessment 4:
 Yes o  No o 


Assessor’s Comments
Competent   oNot Yet Competent   oRe-assessment required   o
Assessor name (please print)Assessor signatureDate


I intend to lodge an appeal on the above decisionYes  o   No  o
Learner signature