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For over a quarter of a century, HealthPlus two storey pharmacy had served the Curepipe area, gaining a reputation as a top medicines dealer. The family-owned business prided itself on good communication and quality service, and its customer retention rate was 40 percent higher than the industry average. Founder James Smith, affectionately known as “Mr. J,” constantly looked for ways to help his employees reach their personal and professional potential, and he jumped at the chance to add computer technology to the business.

By the time James discovered that the computer system was inadequate, system disorders were creating long lines of disgruntled customers and a workforce of bickering, stressed-out employees. Sales were falling, and the customer service index dropped. Mr. J. pulled his son William from Head of Marketing to take over a new role – Owner-Relations Manager. His assignment was not to fix the computer but to fix organizational communications, with the goal of improving customer and employee satisfaction.

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Based on the extract above, apply business communication theories and information from your research to answer each of the following questions:

Question 1 (20)

Discuss how HealthPlus can implement the different ‘Public Relations Models,’ and elaborate on the likely consequences of each model.

Question 2 (20)

Describe fully the marketing communications activities which HealthPlus can undertake in order to boost its sales and increase revenue.

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