Business Entrepreneurship for Case Study Questions Answers

This is an elementary and straightforward introduction to your case study. You need to say what your case study will do. For example – ‘This case study will analyze the creative project …. By using creative, entrepreneurial success factors… Furthermore, recommendations will be provided in conclusion.’


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This is an overall description of the project which, is what, when, why, and how. There is no need to mention the success factors just yet before we look at the analysis we need to know what is being analyzed.

Opportunity Recognition

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Opportunity Recognition is about how a venture/ project creates, discovers or recognizes an opportunity to meet a need or want.


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Does the project do something new? Does is it differentiate itself from its competitors in some way? If so, how?

To what extent does this give the project an advantage?

Remember the 4 Ps of innovation:

Product innovation: changes in the things (products/services) that a venture offers

Process innovation: changes in how these things are created and delivered

Position innovation: changes in the context in which the products/services are introduced (marketing)

Paradigm innovation: significant changes in thinking that frame what the venture does

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Value Add

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Bottom Line Drivers: What “drives” the project? Why does it exist? (To make money? To educate? To involve people?) Environmental? Cultural? Social? Personal? Economic?

  • Are there different bottom-line drivers for different stakeholders?

Value-Add: What are the outcomes of the project? What kind of benefits are there? (Profit for Business, Greater participation?)

Who does it benefit? How does it help them?

Stakeholder Management

200 words

Who is essential to the project?

 What do they want out of the project? (What are their drivers and needs?) How are their needs met?

Examples of stakeholders include: customers, participants, audience members, suppliers, mentors, community, government, competitors, retailers, investors


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Resources are the ‘things’ that assist a venture/project. They can be tangible (e.g., Physical goods) and intangible (e.g., Service, reputation)

What kind of skills, financial resources, equipment, infrastructure, technology, networks, etc. make it all happen? How have these resources been secured (such as sponsorship? ‘Free’ access? Crowdsourcing?)

Who “owns” the resources? What power do these stakeholders who manage the resources have?

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