CHCCCS019 Recognise And Respond To Crisis Situations - Task 1: Questions and Answers

Task 1: Questions and Answers

You must complete each of the questions, ensuring that the response corresponds with the task number.

A minimum of a one-paragraph response per question is required.

  1. As a case manager, it is important to act whenever safety issues are a concern.

To do this effectively you need to understand the signs that suggest a person is

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experiencing different types of crises. Complete the table below- outlining signs that suggest a person is experiencing a safety issue/crisis. The first one has been completed for you. Minimum of five indicators per issue.

Safety Issue or Concern Indicators
a. Potential Suicide

Lack of interest in the future

Talk of being worthless, useless or hopeless

Sudden happiness after a lengthy period of depression

Unusually disruptive or rebellious behaviour

Death or suicide themes dominating written, artistic or creative work

Making a will

Giving away valued possessions

b. Threats to harm others
c. Self-harm
d. Received threats
e. Abuse
f. Child Abuse
g. Domestic and Family Violence
  1. Clients suffering emotional distress often need support to address barriers to seeking
  2. and accepting help. Outline six steps in problem-solving strategies to support clients in identifying and act on their emotional distress
    • When working with a client who is in a crisis it is important to act on
  3. safety concerns. To do this you need to ask the right questions.
    • Provide a list of four (written not numerical) questions you may ask your client who has safety issues around violence and abuse.
    • Provide a list of four questions you may ask a carer who has safety issues around child abuse.
  4. Why is it important to listen empathetically to details of a current crisis?
  5. Building resilience and strengthening safety for clients supports solutions and motivates self-actualization. a.)List five reasons why a strengths-based approach addresses safety concerns b.) List five factors that build resilience
  6. Explain in one paragraph how a support worker can assist a client to devise strategies for dealing with the immediate crisis they find themselves in.
  1. As a case manager, your role is to consider a variety of networks when referring your client to another service.

Write a list of four different practice areas/disciplines in the community services industry then research what these practice disciplines cover.

The first one has been completed for you. Use the template below.

Give two reasons why it is important to balance collaboration and direction according to the person’s current capacity for decision-making and coping.

Give six reasons why it is important to comply with legal, ethical and duty-of-care requirements.

Where are three places you can look for details about mandatory reporting obligations?

In the community services industry, it is important to participate in workplace supervision. List a minimum of six aims you would hope to achieve through working with a supervisor.

 List eight types of documentation that may need to be completed or maintained in the community services sector relating to crisis intervention

Give two examples of legal and or ethical requirements relating to your work role boundaries such as responsibilities and limitation.

Give two examples of legal and or ethical requirements relating to codes of practice/ethics.

What are the values, beliefs and attitudes that form the code of practice for professional support workers?

What is a Critical Incident in Community Services? Provide three examples.

Why must you report a Critical Incident?

Explain procedures to report a Critical Incident.

Which organizational policies will offer most guidance in dealing with crises?

Explain the care obligation to maintain client’s privacy and confidentiality.

Describe when a support worker can disclose personal information.

Explain the principles of self-care to protect workers from vicarious trauma when providing crisis support.

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