CHCCCS019 Task 2: Case Studies Assignments

You must read each case study and then complete each of the questions, ensuring that the response corresponds with the task number. Each response requires a minimum of one paragraph.

Case study Part 1(Questions 1-2):

Julie is a young mother of two children, Jessica 6 years and Isabelle 3 years. Julie has a diagnosis of post-natal depression and anxiety after the birth of Jessica. Julie experienced a traumatic childhood being physically and sexually abused by an uncle she lived with after the tragic death of her parents in a car accident when she was 4 years old. Julie has never received any counseling from past trauma.

Julie 22 years of age states that she has been physically and sexually abused by her husband John 40 years of age since they married. John as of a month ago has escalated the abuse towards Jessica by yelling and hitting her across the face; he pushed Jessica two weeks ago and broke her arm. Jessica says that she is scared of her Father. After a conversation with the social worker at the local hospital, Julie agreed to leave the relationship and take refuge in a local safe house. You are a case manager of the safe house and meet with Julie and her children on their arrival.

  1. List five indicators that Julie and her children are in a crisis.
  2. Julie provides consent for you to contact local services on her behalf. Write a list of ten questions you might ask and who you would contact as you gather information to support Julie and her two children in preparing for crisis support. The first one has been completed for you.

Case study cont’d (Questions 3-7):

You observe throughout discussions with Julie that she is withdrawn, frightened to answer questions, lacking confidence, crying and clinging to her children. Jessica keeps telling her Mother “Stop crying Mummy it is going to be ok” Isabelle is nonverbal and clings to her mother's leg. One of your colleagues attempts to interact with the children by introducing some games, coloring and puzzles however both of the children are very slow to respond taking quite a long time to separate from their Mother.

You sit with Julie whilst the children are playing and Julie advises that she is socially isolated with no family. She worked with a counsellor during her teenage years but this stopped once she married John. She did have a good friend at school but has not seen her since the birth of Jessica as John would not let anyone in the home. John controlled all the money of which Julie was given a small amount of pocket money each week. Julie is scared that John will find her as there is no AVO in place; Julie has never spoken with anyone about the abuse and has never made a police report.

Jessica attends school spasmodically as John will not give Julie access to care and does not like Julie leaving the house. Julie will not leave if any bruising is visible to avoid being asked any questions. Isabelle has not attended childcare. Her only social interaction is with her big sister. Isabelle does not speak, she points to what she wants. You observe that both children are clean, neatly dressed and of a healthy weight for their ages.

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Julie says she is ready to make some changes for herself and her beautiful girls as she does not want her children to experience the childhood she had.

Using the problem-solving steps below as a case manager outline at least two questions you may ask Julie to support her in addressing her emotional distress. Needs alignment

Define the problem
How does Julie feel?
Work collaboratively with Julie
Look for alternatives
Make a plan
Take action
  • In two paragraphs describe how you would empower Julie to make informed choices about accepting support.
    • You support Julie in collaboratively developing an action plan to access support and professionals to help her through this crisis.
    • Complete the action plan below with an action, who will complete the action, when the action will happen and what procedure will be used.
    • Ensure you have a minimum of six actions considering appropriate referrals. The first one has been completed for you.

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