Outline the Scenario in Which You Encountered the Client

Outline the scenario in which you encountered the client/(s) (placement/community) and the circumstance in which you provided care (this should be short - only approximately 250 words remember to ensure confidentiality of the practice setting and use pseudonyms).

  • You may choose to discuss the care provided by you throughout your placement (to several clients, or focus on the care provided to one client only this is up to you be clear in your discussion).
  • Discuss assessments performed, identifying problems and how you constructed an appropriate plan of nursing care that demonstrates person-centered, age-appropriate and culturally sensitive care.
  • Highlight any risks identified during the assessments performed and strategies employed to minimize risk while maximizing client empowerment and independence.
  • Explain the benefit of proactive risk management relevant to the client along with the situation, and to nursing broadly. Students may link risk assessments to the ACSQHC framework or relevant assessment tools.

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Referencing Styles: APA

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