Cloud Computing Case Study With Questions And Answers

Cloud Computing Case Study With Questions And Answers these days, cloud computing appears to be a trendy term, and that is often heard everywhere. In short, it refers to keeping and accessing applications and other details over the internet instead of having them stored on your PC's hard drive. Saving or running applications from your hard drive is termed as local storage. This implies that everything you wish to have is available physically and you don’t need to go anywhere and make access to your data quickly and rapidly with a series connection between computers. If you go through a cloud computing case study with questions and answers, you will be aware of the various concepts of cloud computing that are mainly used in the industrial sector.

  • This was the procedure followed in the earlier days for many industries before the introduction of the cloud.
  • Cloud computing is fast a process that lets users share related resources on many different devices with the web presence.
  • The popularity of this specific subject has driven lots of students to take up computer related departments for their higher studies.
  • This concept works only with the help of the internet, and it constitutes diverse networked elements that are meant to provide various sorts of services.

Different types of cloud:

There are mainly three types of clouds and are discussed in detail below:

Community cloud:

A community cloud is accessible to a limited community of defined consumers alone. Inevitably, this kind of darkness is owned by a team of members of a specific city or by a third-party owner of the cloud who has limited access to that.

Private cloud:

It is also called an internal cloud, and as the name suggests, it can be implemented and used in a secured environment alone. Authorized users apart can have access to the private cloud.

Public cloud:

Anyone can access the public cloud, and the owner should be a single person or single party. This kind of darkness is generally paid, and the consumers who wish to access such cloud should pay for it.

Beyond doubt, cloud computing is critical to discipline in computer science, and it is quite evident from the high demand for cloud computing in the academic institutions and industrial sectors. Given below points will tell you the importance of cloud computing in today’s situation:

  • It is extremely economical as it will lessen the capital expenses along with reduced investment expenses in the infrastructure.
  • It is easily accessible and user-friendly all through the way. It can be easily used by anyone effectively, even by the first-time users too.
  • An obvious point to say is, with the help of the internet, it can be used anytime anywhere.

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Benefits of cloud computing:

Saves most of your time:

Cloud computing offers self-service delivery options for the demands of consumers and different sorts of workloads.

  • Also, you can avail this kind of service anytime, and on-demand and that entices numerous customers.
  • This also removes the need for companies to keep up in-house IT people, particularly for small businesses or to administer physical computer resources.

Offers you flexible options:

You can access any files and information related to your work anywhere, anytime on any device. This is extremely important in a highly mobile world. Higher flexibility and mobility enabled options to let you use tools that you are comfortable with.

Reduced costs with pay per use:

Cloud computing makes use of hardware entirely, and with a visualized society, the value of the physical server is more significant than before, provides businesses with the opportunity to accomplish more with less expense.

Better collaboration:

Due to the better accessibility of cloud computing, you will be getting increased productivity. As everyone who needs access to data and applications can reach them wherever they are, employees don’t need to work in the same location all the time, and they can work at convenient places. This option offers flexibility for employees who do need to travel a lot for their work.

  • In a nutshell, cloud computing has the potential to revolutionize the way organizations view and deal with the IT resources and needs.
  • As the industrial sectors are continuously looking for ways to lessen the operational costs, cloud computing is an excellent approach that needs to be appraised first.
  • By carefully investigating all the considerations and options in a cloud computing case study with questions and answers, an organization will certainly be well positioned to make wise decisions on cloud computing for their present and future needs.

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