Community Development Assignment Answers

Volunteering for me is a good way to give back to those who are in depth news. Oxfam is a global organization working to end the injustice of poverty. Oxfam makes it easy for you to take meaningful action to change the world.( Oxfam, 2019) for me I grab the opportunity to give back what was given. Back home in Sudan I remember Oxfam used to provide clean water to many peoples and that reach out to different communities. I have witnessed Of Oxfam assistance and how can one person’s help change a hold community. So when I came to Australia I decided to do something and go and volunteer with Oxfam because I know that they are doing a great job and I want to be one of them who can also help others. I know very well what is like to have no clean water. It a pain and no one deserve to go through that. My involvement involvement with Oxfam was going in group to sell ruffles tickets in 2018. So my job was to convince people to buy the tickets to raised money for Oxfam to have enough money to bye tolls so a Tap can be install in the country of those who have had access to the water.

June 13, 2019

Enjoy this summer playlist of musicians who mix creativity with a passion for social justice!

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Report on Community Development Activity

This assessment draws on content presented in Topics 1–4 of the study guide and builds upon the reflective activity at the end of Topic 2.

You are required to write a 1500-word report based on a personal experience of community membership. Your experience can be positive, neutral or negative, and may be based on either:

  • your involvement with the state as a community worker or as an activist protesting a government decision,or
  • your involvement with civil society as a member of a community group, an online interest community or as a volunteer with a community-based organisation.

In case you have not been actively involved as a member of a community group, you can use an example when you have been interacting with such a group(for instance as a flood victim receiving assistance)

In your report make sure that you:

  • name and define 2-3 community development principles from Topics 1 - 4 that you think were evident at the time
  • explain how these principles were evident/being carried out (link to relevant theories of the state or theory about civil society)
  • critically analyse how the activity met the identified community development principlesand theories
  • identify what needs to be done differently to meet the stated community development principles and theories
  • write some recommendations for the organisation
  • provide a reference list in Harvard of all academic sources cited

Use the following headings in your report

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Principles and Definitions
  • Description of the Community Development Activity
  • Critical Analysisof the Community Development Activity
  • Recommendations

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