COMP712 Routing and Switching Essentials.

1 Case Study Project part 1 Level 7 Network Design Report


How can the network that you have implemented in part 2 of this Case study be optimized to improve performance? You can analyze the following and justify the aspects that you consider are most appropriate:

- Possible changes to the network design topology and configuration

- Network devices from different vendors

- New routing features protocols, e.g. other routing protocols

- New switching features, e.g. VLANs, port security, etc

- Other considerations

Word count:800-1500 words

Workload: Approximately 1-2 hours per week

Due date:Please refer to the teaching and assessment schedules

Marking Guide

Title page Relevant Titles, student names and ID are present 1%
Executive Summary Summarizes the report structure and all sections. Overview of all findings and recommendations. Correct information. Succinct 5%
Table of contents all sections and page numbers are present and correct 1%
Introduction Introduces the topic and purpose of this report 5%
Network design Changes identified and justified. New network diagram contains all components 15%
Network management tools Relevant tools are identified and justified 10%
Routing and switching feature comparison Devices from at least two other vendors are compared. New routing and switching features are identified and justified 15%
Conclusion and recommendations Four or more conclusions are made. Conclusions are realistic and relate to the justifications made in the main body 35%
APA Reference List and citations Citations and bibliography are in the correct APA format. There are adequate citations 6%
Glossary All technical terms and acronyms are present and correctly defined 2%
Professionalism (layout, spelling and grammar) Correct spelling/grammar. Good use of diagrams. Headings are appropriate and in a logical order. Within the word count 5%

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Level of difficulty

This case study requires self-directed learning, research, and analytical skills. It will increase your readiness for tasks in the workplace and demonstrate your ability to research, work independently, and evaluate improvements to current computer network design. You will achieve a deeper understanding of networking cabling infrastructure and will learn the relevant technical terminology.

Prior knowledge

This part of the case study assumes that you have completed and understood the Introduction to Networks (CCNA 1 course) and can work independently at level 7 having previously completed a degree.

Writing assistance

You can get assistance with report writing, formal business English, APA referencing, and other writing skills by making an appointment with Student Learning Services. They will not assist you with the content just with writing skills. The link below helps you learn about report writing.


  • Teamwork for problem-solving is encouraged - you may work together with other students outside of class time to find solutions to problems, review sources of information and learn from each other.
  • The report must be your original work so please write it in your own words.
  • DO NOT
  • Give a copy of your notes or assignment work to other students
  • Copy another student’s work or copy chunks of text from the internet or other sources into your assignment this is what we call “plagiarism” and is treated as “serious misconduct” which can result in failing the paper.
  • Copy text from the internet and replace a few words or use word replacement software to rewrite it. It is evident to tutors when you do this and is also treated as plagiarism
  • Think that your tutor won’t be able to tell if it is your work or not we can
  • DO
  • Ensure that you keep backup copies of your work.
  • Use correct APA referencing for all sources
  • Learn how to paraphrase and reference sources of information correctly (see Student Learning Services for help)
  • Use formal business English appropriate for an employer
  • Write everything in your own words and reference the source of information
  • Be prepared to verbally explain aspects of your submitted report to your tutor if asked.

You will submit the following file to Moodle for marking on or before the due date in the timetable.

  • Formal report as a Word Document

You will need to research to find the information to write the story.

  • Ensure data is up to date and no more than a year old
  • Use the internet and peer-reviewed sources such as Google Scholar
  • Use network engineering online chat sites
  • Politely contact local providers (identify yourself as a student gathering data for an assignment)
  • Look for network engineering journals and articles

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