Contemporary Issues in Management Assignments

Learning outcomes assessed within this piece of work as agreed at the programme-level meeting

On the completion of this module,, you will:

1. Knowledge outcome be able to synthesize and critically examine a range of contemporary issues in management from a variety of theoretical and practical perspectives

2. Intellectual/transferable skills outcome be able to apply evidence-based research and demonstrate criticality (independent thinking) to a wide range of issues in Management and make recommendations for organizations and Continuing Professional Development.

Type of assessment:

Formative Assessment One-page description of the industry using sources from Horizon Scanning Tracker (500 words) (0%)

Summative Assessment An individual management report (3,500 words) (100%)

Assignment Scenario

You have made it through to the final graduate selection event for a large organization from ONE of the following industries or relevant subsectors: please choose one of these sectors below.

  • Hospitality including Travel & Tourism
  • Manufacturing including Automotive
  • Banking and Finance including Insurance

For your interview, you are required to prepare a report on your views of contemporary issues related to management within the industry. This employer is looking for evidence of knowledge of relevant issues in their industry and their management implications. In addition, your response needs to consider what this means to you and your career.

Formative Assessment (350 -500 words)

This is an exciting opportunity to engage with topics related to an industry you are interested in. To provide feedback on your work before you write the summative assignment there is a formative task to ensure that you are engaging with the topic and with good quality sources.

The task requires you to produce a summary of the industry:

  1. Describe the industry that you plan to focus on for your assignment and the key topics covered in the module related to the industry.
  2. Draw on the information sources you have found from your Horizon Scanning Tracker. e.g.McKinsey, PWC, and articles from reputable industry-related websites. Include your horizon scanning tracker.

This task covers two key elements of your summative paper and should demonstrate your understanding of the key concepts and issues in your industry.

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Instructions for Summative Assessment

Your assessment for this module takes the form of a 3,500-word management report.

You are required to prepare a management report that applies horizon-scanning techniques (trends, data analysis, sources and critical thinking) to examine an industry of your choice. You will need to identify the relevant contemporary issues that affect that industry. Use the following subheadings for your report.

Section 1 Introduction (10%)
  • Describe the industry and what is happening within it. For example, is the industry expanding or contracting, what are its biggest challenges, are there any new entrants etc.
  • Draw on sources from your Horizon Scanning Tracker.
Section 2 - Technology enablers and innovations (25%)
  • Identify which enabling technologies and innovations are making more impact on your industry. Why is this happening?
  • Draw on thought leadership articles/ reports from companies like IBM, Deloitte, and McKinsey and ensure they are included your Horizon Scanning Tracker.
Section 3 - Analyse the industry through three lenses discussed in class(40%)
  • Future of Consumption
  • Future of Enterprise
  • Future of work
  • In each section, draw on the research discussed in the module. Use concrete examples of relevant companies to explore how companies are reacting to issues.
  • You must include your Horizon Scanning Tracker in your appendix to evidence sources. You should include an evaluation of those sources.
Section 4 - Your views (10%)
  • What are your views about how changes within the industry will impact you and your career? Would you want to work in the industry? If so, why or why not?
  • Given what you know, what is the contribution you could make to your chosen industry?

Presentation and referencing(15%) - Writing of this paper requires significant amounts of citations and referencing so you must demonstrate this skill throughout the paper.

Overall, the focus of the report is an examination, in the depth, of the relationships between issues within the industry and what companies and their management teams are doing about them. Be specific by providing examples. Use a wide range of professional thought leadership sources. Provide a view about how it affects you and what you can contribute to an organisation in that industry given your knowledge.

You are advised to allocate your efforts according to the weighting of each section as listed above. For more details see the grading criteria grid (rubric).

You should:

  1. Review your previously submitted work and read carefully the feedback given by the marker.
  2. Use this feedback to help you revisit and rewrite your work, improving it in the areas identified as weak in the original marking process
  3. Include with your resubmission an additional reflective piece(up to 500 words) on what you understand was weak, how you set about addressing this and what you have learned from this that may help you with further assignments. You should address the following specifically:
  4. i) Identify tutor feedback points on your original work and identify where/how the resit work has changed (give page number) in response to feedback
  5. ii) Identify the lessons you have learned from doing the resit

iii) Reflect on how your feedback and this process will help you improve future assignments

If you did not submit work at the first opportunity you cannot reflect on your feedback. However, you are still required to submit a reflective piece in which you identify your reasons for non-submission, the implications of non-submission for your future success and how you propose to address this in the future.

If you were deferred at the first assessment opportunity you do not need to include the reflective piece as this is classed a first submission, not a resit.

The original marking criteria will still apply (see the marking grid provided above) except that the 10% weighting for presentation will be awarded instead to your reflective piece.

The word limit for resit assessment is 3,500 words.

How will your work be assessed?

Your work will be assessed by a subject expert who will use the marking grid provided in this assessment brief. When you access your marked work you must reflect on the feedback so that you can use it to improve future assignments.


You MUST use the Harvard System. The Harvard system is very easy to use once you become familiar with it. To check your Harvard referencing technique.

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