Coop Training Report Writing

It's a report about my Coop Training, which is mandatory by the college. The report contains 4 chapters.

Chapter One:

Introduction and General Review

1.1 Introduction of the Company

1.2 Sources of the Data

1.3 Structure of the Study

1.4 Organizational Structure

1.5 Products and Services Offered by the Company

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Chapter Two:

A description of the existing procedures and practices within the organization or a department in that organization, such as; Office, Accounting, MIS, HR, Marketing and Materials Management Practices, etc.

2.1 Procedures and Practices

2.2 Jobs handled during training and self-learning Chapter Three: MINI Project Details

3.1 Topic of MINI Project

3.2 Relationship of the project to this training and company

3.3 Complete Project details in Chronological order

3.4 Project findings. IX. Chapter Four: Analysis Conclusions and Recommendations

4.1 Conclusions

4.2 Recommendations I already did chapters 1 and 2. I want you to write chapter 3. The topic will be about (STAFF DEVELOPMENT) you should come up with three ideas to develop recruitment. The company that I work for uses the basic recruitment procedure. They Search for CVs online and use employee referrals. So you have to come up with three new methods. One of them should be (Designing an Online Recruitment Page)

Write about the method's advantages and how will they improve the recruitment process. As well as how to implement them. After writing about the three methods, write that I did a Focus Group with three managers (HR Recruitment Manager, HR Operation Manager, and HR Senior manager) and write about their opinions (write their opinions from your mind, then write about why they see the methods good or bad

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