Covid-19: Infectious Disease Research Proposal

Assignment 1:

Work on your infectious disease research proposal project as this will be part of your final grade. The goal is to demonstrate your knowledge of basic concepts of epidemiology and infectious disease, including basic calculations and various study designs that would be employed.

These papers should not exceed 10-12 pages and you can use footnotes or a standard APA formatted references, your choice. The aim here is to demonstrate your ability to present your hypothesis, background and significance, methods to be used and study design, anticipated results, expected conclusions, significance of work.

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Assignment 2:

below is a graph depicting the number of cases in Mississippi since its first occurrence on March 11th.
Based on this graph:
  1. How many cases might you anticipate on April 15th
  2. How many cases might you anticipate on April 21st?
  3. When do you think Mississippi will reach its peak number of cases?
  4. Examine MS COVID-19 cases by age and race. What picture emerges and how would you propose to address this?
  5. You have enough data to calculate COVID-19 incidence and prevalence in Mississippi and compare with national and other state data.

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