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CPCCBC5003A - Supervise the planning of on-site medium-rise building or construction works

Assessment Task 3: Portfolio of evidence


demonstrate your ability to effectively plan for the on-site management of medium-rise construction projects.

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You are required to attach at least one sample of each of the following:

  1. A full on-site operational plan for a medium-rise project that details
    1. Project phases
    2. Critical paths and project schedules
  • Action planning and critical task identification
  1. A Resource Plan that identifies the:
  1. Physical materials needs and costs
  2. What plant, equipment, and materials are needed, and the associated project timelines
  3. Procurement policies or preferred methods for materials purchase (how and from whom)
  • Any associated policies (such as purchase approvals etc.) you need to work within
  1. Human resource needs and costs
  2. The makeup of your off-site operations support team
  3. The makeup of your on-site operations team including sub-contractors
  • Special skills, knowledge, licenses, tickets, etc. needed
  1. Staffing needs timeline phases of the project when team members are needed
  1. On-site needs, temporary services needs, and costs
  2. Details of any onsite accommodation and temporary service needs and the associated project timelines
  1. A Project Performance Review identifying:
  2. Policies and procedures that have been implemented and how they have been followed
  3. Identify how challenges have been met and overcome in policy implementation (for all policies listed in Assessment Task 2: Question 2 above as a minimum)
  • Whether the project has been completed on time and to budget
  1. A justification or outline of the need for any overtime that has been worked by employees and/or subcontractors
  1. Communications with relevant authorities, including those who issue and administer permits

This task requires you to collect a variety of evidence on the job that demonstrates your ability to apply knowledge and skill in a real, or simulated workplace.

Words Count: 1500

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