CPE301 Computer Programming | Assignment Questions And Answers

Instruction: This Assignment is to be carried out and defended individually but you are free to consult books, internet, friends and any other learning resource available to you. The goal of this assignment is to make you learn and understand the use of C++ in Algorithmic and problem solving techniques. Make the program as interractive and user friendly as possible and the use of a modular/structured or object oriented programming approach is highly recommended as this will attract more marks.

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Using a case study of your choice, write a C++ program that displays a menu similar to the items below. As users keep selecting from the available options, the program should continually display the necessary sub-menus
until a data structure operation is finally selected, upon which the relevant function to perform the operation is invoked.
(i) Linear Array
(ii) Queue
(iii) Trees
(iv) Binary Search
(v) Sorting (any three methods)

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