CPPDSM4012A - List Property for Sale Assessment Answers

  • What legislative and regulatory requirements are relevant to real estate operations?
  • How can information on legislative, licensing and regulatory requirements and other aspects of agency operations be accessed?
  • What codes of conduct relate to listing properties for sale?
  • As a real estate agent raising your profile is important name 2 activities that you could undertake to assist with networking and raising your profile.
  • a) How would you start to establish a business network?
    b) What types of businesses would be valuable to you in the future?
  • Name at least 2 ethical and conduct standards that relate to real estate.
  • Name 4 different ways in which sales enquiries may be received into the agency.
  • How would you build rapport with a client when conducting a listing presentation?
  • List 3 questions you could ask to help determine client requirements with regards to their property sale?
  • List 4 different types of properties that may be sold by a typical real estate agency?
  • What interpersonal communication techniques may be used to support and promote client confidence?
  • What information, documentation and promotional materials may be contained in an agency listing kit? List at least 6 different things.

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  • What property details and information may be assessed and recorded during a visual property inspection?
  • Why is it important to have the key decision makers present a sales listing presentation appointment?
  • When selling a property certain factors can help decide the best method of sale, name 2 methods of sale that are usually considered?
  • How would you gain commitment from a vendor to pay for marketing expenses for their property? What might you discuss?
  • a) What is the name of the form you will use to secure the listing?
    b) What is the maximum length of time you can enter into this agreement for?
  • How would you respond to a vendor asking you to cut your commission in half?
  • What relevant parties may be involved in the listing transaction?

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