CPPDSM4013A Market Property for lease – CPPDSM4014A Market property for sale

Assessment Activities
Complete Activity 1 on page 6 and Activity 2 on page 10 and submit your answers with these
assessment activities.

Activity 1
List the features of a property that you believe would appeal to each of the following target
• Single tenants.
• Young families.
• Large families.
• Professional couples.
• Retired couples.
• Students.

Trying to sell to everybody can dilute the effective use of resources as not everyone wants what you
are offering. A prospective purchaser, for example, does not want to see a rental property. If you
don’t target the correct market group the result will be little or no interest.
The principle of targeting the correct market group is to achieve an acceptable level of market
response for minimum marketing expenditure.
This is particularly relevant when conducting letterbox drops of brochures in a local area. You
wouldn’t drop brochures in the letterboxes of a unit complex for the elderly, if you were trying to
attract interest in a 4-bedroom property for sale or rent.
Always consider the market group that you are promoting to when choosing the type of marketing
medium to use.
Timing is important for a number of reasons. Consider the following:
• The production company printing the brochures may have a one-week tum around, but you
promise the client that you will conduct the letterbox drop this week.
• The artwork you have decided to use won’t be ready in time for the weekend newspaper,
but you have already booked the space.
• The client has decided to make those maintenance repairs to the property the same day
that you have advertised the open house.
Always allow sufficient time to produce the marketing material, taking into account the time
schedule of others.
In some instances you may find that trying to attract interest in a property is hampered at particular
times of the year or can be affected by economic influences. You will already be familiar with, the
Christmas period from 24 December to 2 January. This period can show a reduced interest for both
sales and leasing of properties.
But there are other times that are not so evident such as imminent parliamentary elections or the
forecast of interest rate rises for home loans.
Choosing the correct time to sell or lease can have a direct impact on the successful marketing of
the property.
Make a list of times or events throughout the year which could show change in public interest in
properties listed with your agency for sale and or lease. Eg Christmas time
Task 1
Provide examples of property presentation hints the client can follow when making their property
available for inspection.
Task 2
Develop a marketing plan for a property from www.realestate.com.au. The asking price is to be
above $1,000,000. You may choose any area.
Make sure you include:
• The target market group this property would appeal to.
• The type of promotional materials and media you would use. Include a copy of the
advertisement from the website and attach it to your work.
• Complete the attached marketing schedule. Your budget must amount to $2450 and you
must try and give the owners the best value for money available.
Task 3
The marketing plan for your above mentioned property has been running for 1 month and the
results have not been as successful as expected. Discuss with Mr & Mrs Marks the reasons why the
enquiry levels may be down. Use the following as a guide.
1) Asking price
2) Time of year
3) Market conditions
4) Political climate
5) Unrealistic vendor expectations…”We need to sell for $$$$$ because………?”
Property description – find a property similar to these specifications:
The home has four bedrooms, ensuite, spacious family room and double/triple garage, with
established garden and close proximity to schools, shops and public transport. The property is
priced at the higher end of the market. The vendor’s names are Jason and Jenny Marks.
The property is NOT going to Auction.
Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) CPP40307
Real Estate Education & Training (NSW) Page 20
Marketing Schedule
Task 2
The Marks have agreed to pay for advertising their property with your real
The agreed advertising budget has been set at $2450.
Design the attached marketing campaign correctly to tally to $2450…
Agreed Advertising budget for: (vendors)
Sign Boards $
Window Display $
200 Colour brochures $
Web Portals
1 $
2 $
3 $
4 $
Homes Magazines
Issue of the ___/___/___ $
Issue of the ___/___/___ $
Issue of the ___/___/___ $
Issue of the ___/___/___ $
Local Newspaper
Issue of the ___/___/___ $
Issue of the ___/___/___ $
Issue of the ___/___/___ $
Issue of the ___/___/___ $
Other Magazine/ Medium
Issue of the ___/___/___ $
Issue of the ___/___/___ $
Issue of the ___/___/___ $
Issue of the ___/___/___ $
Other Advertising
1 $
2 $
3 $
4 $