Cultural Safety Position Statement Assignment Answer

Assessment two summary


Value            40 %

Length:         1200  words (excluding  references)

Purpose:      Cultural Safety position statement

The purpose of this assessment to assist you to develop understanding of the importance of cultural safety in your own workplace and to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the role of cultural safety in contributing towards improving health outcomes. Your position statement should be directed at the organisation’s target audience (patients/clients)

There are many factors that influence health professionals, who work within health organisations. These factors will influence how an organisation interacts with the target population or client base. Organisations should clearly present a point of view or a position on an issue, and this is often communicated via tools like; mission statements, vision statements and position statements. A position statement should express an organisations view or stance on an issue; it should be a summary of a particular issue that is relevant to the organisation; it should reflect the current evidence or best practice and the intended audience should be all external stakeholders, especially clients or consumers
The purpose of this assessment to assist you to develop understanding of the importance of cultural safety in your  own (*health related ) workplace and to allow you  to demonstrate your  understanding of the role of cultural safety in contributing towards improving health outcomes. Your position statement should address the organisation’s target audience (patients/clients)


There are two parts to this assessment

Part 1

Select one of the organisation’s listed below and prepare a Cultural Safety position statement with that outlines the importance of providing effective health communication and health literacy as part of your organisation’s overall strategy to deliver Culturally Safe health.

  • You should provide a short summary on the organisation’s background
  • Your position statement should contain concise and evidence-based statements that are relevant to cultural safety, health literacy and effective communication

For the purposes of this assessment the term position statement is defined as

a range of evidenced-based statements to communicate an organisation’s position on key issues of relevance to achieving a healthy Australia, supported by the best possible health system.

Referencing should be as required, however you must reference your organisation (ie when presenting the background information )

Your statement should clearly demonstrate your organisations position on providing culturally safe care, addressing health literacy and ensure effective communication

Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation Royal Darwin Hospital
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service (ATSICHS) -Brisbane Townsville Hospital and Health service
BulgarrNgaru Medical Aboriginal  Corporation Lismore Base Hospital
Family Planning  Victoria Monash medical Centre/Monash Health
South Australian Ambulance Service Royal Adelaide Hospital  (RAH)
DerbarlYerrigan Health Service Inc. Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
Aboriginal Health Service Devonport – Tulaminakali West Coast District Hospital at Queenstown
WinnungaNimmityjah Aboriginal Health and Community Services (WNAHCS) Marie Stopes Canberra

*Important: You must choose one of the organisations listed above, failure to do so will result in an automatic failure for this assessment

Part 2 –This must relate to part 1 

A written document outlining the rationale underpinning your position statement and you should link your responses with your selected  organisation’s  position statement. This should include the following:

  • Why having such a statement important for providing a Culturally Safe health environment
  • Explain the relationship between health literacy and health communication in supporting the provision of Culturally  Safe care within your chosen organisation
  • The external influences (for example historical and contemporary factors ) that may contribute or detract from Culturally Safe practice in your chosen organisation
  • How might this contribute to improving the health outcomes of the organisation’s target clients
  • What are the barriers, to implementing this position statement, that might exist within the organisation?
  • Support your comments with reference to the academic literature, at least 10 refereed publications published between 2010-2020.


Submission Instructions 

  • Include the assessment submission file name in the footer of your assessments,
  • The use of tables and graphics is not permitted
  • Assessment Format Verdanaor Arial size 12 font , 1.5 line spacing.
  • Submit the Assessment, (via Learnline) as one document:  Microsoft Word Document (doc or docx). with filed named as follows: family name, first name, student number, HSC 230 Assessment  2
  • References written according to APA Style Version 7. Used and consistently applied the APA 7th referencing system.

Please find below an example of a past assessment ( please note that the assessment task has changed since this sample was completed)