Culture, Power & Conflict Assignment Sample


Different types of culture exist in different organizations. Organizational culture encompasses the different values and behaviors that form an integral part of any organization. The power is assigned to different human resources within an organization so that he or she can perform his or her duties in the best manner. There are different sources of power including legitimate power, coercive power, reward power, referent power, and expert powers. These powers are assigned to different human resources as per their skills and position within the organization. Conflict is observed in an organization when there is misuse of power by one human resource. Conflict may arise between superiors and subordinates (Dowling & Welch, 2004).

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Pedagogical aim:

These concepts clarified that the organization's culture is vital for the development and growth of an organization. There needs to be faith and respect for each other in the organization that will ensure that the efforts of different human resources are aligned toward the attainment of target goals and objectives. Power needs to be delegated carefully to different human resources along with different checks so that the chances of conflict may not rise within an organization.

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