Curriculum Evaluation Report Writing-Case Study

This assignment comprises three (3) parts, all of which must be completed.

Part A: Introduction. (5%)

Identify an area of the curriculum to be evaluated at your own workplace (if you are not currently working you may refer to a past workplace, find an approved case study or request a case study from the unit instructor). Briefly describe this particular area of the curriculum.

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Part B: Theory. (20%)

Select one of the models* as covered in this unit that is most suited for your curriculum evaluation and address the following:

  • a description of the model
  • a diagram of the model (either sourced from a publication or one you create yourself)
  • justification with evidence for the selection of this particular model
  • a proposal for how the curriculum evaluation will take place.

* if an eclectic approach is taken, describe the models used and explain how and why they have been combined.

Part C: Application. (20%)

Carry out and then report on the curriculum evaluation. Describe how the evaluation was carried out, what was discovered and what is proposed as the next step towards improvement in this area of the curriculum.

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