Deciding on a Consolidation Strategy Driven by Shareholder Change

Requirements*: Summary:
For your final assessment you are required to critically evaluate a recent strategic decision that your chosen organisation has taken. You should analyse this decision within the context of your organisation’s environmental context. The areas that you should consider are the strategic fit between the organisation’s external environment, its competitive and marketing environments and the organisation’s resources and capabilities.
Additionally you are required to evaluate how the decision was implemented and the overall impact it had on your chosen organisation. This may include discussing such areas as competitiveness, access to resources, stakeholder management, mission and values.
You will be expected to use the theories and models that are discussed in this course and provide primary and secondary data to support your critique where appropriate.
Your written report should be handed in via the Turnitin submission link.
The report should be word processed in Times New Roman 12 font and in double-spaced format. Relevant back-up data should be contained in an appendix section, which should not exceed 10 pages