Develop a Xamarin Forms Application To Obtain Images Via Flickr

COMP212 Section 1, Winter 2019

This is an open-book test, and you can use any resources (e.g., lecture notes, examples, your assignments, etc.) that you feel may help you. However you are not allowed to communicate with anyone during the test. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for securing your own code. You will be penalized if another person has your code, or similar to your code.

Instructions: Be sure to read the following general instructions carefully:

  • This test must be completed individually by all students
  • Save your program periodically, just in case your system crashes
  • You are encouraged to demonstrate your solution before you submit
  • Submit your solution through the dropbox. You must name your submission according to the following rule: studentID(yourlastname)

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Functionality Marks
Data Model 2
Handle Search button 5
Found images displayed in ListView 5
Selected image can be displayed 5
UI 5
Overall 3

Question [25 marks]

You are asked to develop an Xamarin.Forms Application to allow user to obtain images from Flickr through Flickr’s API

The application should include one Master Detail page, and the master page displays all images, that the user is interested in, a ListView. When user clicks one from listView, the original image should be displayed in the detail page.

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