Dissertation: Research Questions and Methodology

Research Questions and Methodology chosen for Dissertation Topic the file we have written contains requirements to the clauses you need to write. Referring to the file you need to write the following dissertation clauses: ·

Introduction - including research questions/hypotheses. This should read as if it were my final dissertation.

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The Literature Review must be structured to meet the objectives of your proposal and be based on refereed academic journals as it would be in your final dissertation. ·

The primary Research Methodology must demonstrate a clear and logical development from my research objectives through the literature review to the research method I have chosen. This MUST include the research instrument (questionnaire). This should read as if it was my final dissertation the deadline is November 1st.

Word Count:

Chapter 1: Introduction - approx. 2000 words Chapter 2: Literature Review - approx. 6000 words Chapter 3: Research Methodology - approx. 2000 words

Referencing Styles: Harvard

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