E135 823: Environment of Business (Practicals) Answers

CASE STUDY Tastefield Industries Limited is a Nigerian Company whose mission is the manufacturing and marketing of melamine table wares using South Korean Technology. Tastefied started Production in 1997. Tastefield benefited from Nerfund Industrial development funding of FGN of 1 USD/Million at an interest rate of 4% p.a and exchange rate of N22.0 to 1 USD in 1994. Tastefield had 60 employees which included 5 members of the management team and an elite Board of Directors of 8. Tastefield had 18 brands of table wares for over 40 million first-time potential customers, 10 million potential repeat customers. The average brand prices was N120.0. The estimated production capacity for each brand stood at 4000 pieces p.a. In 1999, Nigeria had a democratically elected government. This opened up the Nigerian Economy to global competition. Between 1999-2010 Tastefield witnessed 75% declined in its market share. Tastefield responded by suspending production. In 2015 Tastefield BOD decided to commence business. The macroeconomic thrust on infrastructural and Agricultural Investment by FGN showed likely to boost consumer demand and spending considerably.

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  • Identify 5 business opportunities and trend for Tastefield 1999-2015
  • Identify 5 business threats and trend before Tastefield Industrial 1999-2015
  • Identify 5 business strengths of capabilities and trend of Tastefield
  • Identify 5 business weaknesses and trends of Tastefield 1999-2015
  • Based on your knowledge of the environment of Tastefield
  • Write a 5-page 3-year business strategy for putting Tastefield back in business 2015
  • List only 5 critical projects in your business strategy
  • Design a useful score-card or K.P.Is for measuring Tastefield strategy performance in 2016-2018
  • List 5 leadership actions the management of Tastefield can use to drive its strategy and Business Environment in 2015-2020 and beyond.
  • Construct a profit/loss profile of New Tastefield Industries in 2018
  • Write a 15-minutes speech to tell stakeholders what you are doing in the Nev Tastefield Industries Limited. Sketch and label a specimen environment of business value-chain.

Identify 5 skills and competencies CEOs can acquire from environment of business value chain

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