Eastern Bank: Innovating Through Eastern Labs Essay Writing

Task Details/Description:
Each student is required to submit an academic-style essay (no longer than 1,500 words, excluding a list of references) analysing the following case as: Eastern Bank: Innovating Through Eastern Labs

Eastern Bank is a 200-year-old mutual bank with a community focus, specialising in small business lending. With technology threatening to disrupt Eastern's relationship banking model, CEO Bob Rivers looks to spur innovation at the bank and hires Dan O'Malley as Chief Digital Officer managing ‘Eastern Labs’, a three-year innovation project. At the end of the project, Rivers is to present to the Board on the project’s success or failure. Your task is to evaluate the project and make recommendations.

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Your answer should cover the following points:
1. Concisely analyse key principles of Eastern Labs’ innovation management and discuss their significance.
2. Critically assess Eastern Labs as a corporate venturing exercise.
3. If you were Rivers, what steps would you recommend to the Board?

The following case document is provided:
Mills, K., Campbell, D., and Mukerjee, D. (2017) ‘Eastern Bank: innovating through Eastern
Labs’, Harvard Business School, The Case Centre, Ref. 9-318-068.

Presentation Requirements:
Word Count: no longer than 1,500 words (excluding a list of references)
Font Size: 11 or 12 points
Line Spacing: Single or 1.15
Alignment: Justified

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